Recent trends in practices and methods of cybercrime

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Recent trends in practices and methods of cybercrime

24 March 2004

© Commonwealth of Australia 2004
ISBN 0 642 71327 8

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 69KB)
Recommendations (PDF 69KB)
Glossary (PDF 71KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 109KB)
    Duties of the Committee
    The conduct of the inquiry
    The report
    Note on references
Chapter 2: Crime in Cyberspace (PDF 230KB)
    What is cybercrime?
    Crime and the internet
    Legislation and law enforcement
Chapter 3: Cybercrime and Internet Paedophile Activity (PDF 218KB)
    The Australian Crime Commission and child sex offences
    The internet and anonymity
    Investigating and detecting
    National register of child sex offenders
Chapter 4: Banking, Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering (PDF 239KB)
    The banking industry
    Internet banking
    Credit and debit card fraud
    Identity fraud
    Money laundering
    Future directions for banking, credit card fraud and money laundering
Chapter 5: Threats to National Critical Infrastructure (PDF 187KB)
    What is national critical infrastructure?
    What are the threats and risks?
    Preventing infrastructure damage
Chapter 6: Further Developments and Conclusion (PDF 134KB)
    Conclusion and recommendations
Appendix 1: Sections of Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 and Australian Federal Police Act 1979 (PDF 83KB)
Appendix 2: List of Submissions (PDF 80KB)
Appendix 3: Witnesses Who Appeared Before the Committee at Public Hearings (PDF 105KB)
Appendix 4: The United Nations Resolution of the General Assembly no. 55/63 Combating the Criminal Misuse of Information Technologies (PDF 79KB)
Appendix 5: Cybercrime: Commonwealth legislation (PDF 86KB)

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