B. List of hearings

Tuesday, 17 April 20181
National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples
Mr Gary Oliver, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Craig Hodges, Media and Communications Manager
Professor Megan Davis, University of New South Wales
New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
Mr Charles Lynch, Councillor
Mr Stephen Hynd, Executive Director
Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council
Professor Chris Sarra, Co-Chair
Ms Andrea Mason, Co-Chair

Wednesday, 18 April 20182
Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, University of Melbourne
Professor Adrienne Stone, Director
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Ms Liz Hefren-Webb, Acting Deputy Secretary
Mr Jamie Fox, First Assistant Secretary, Indigenous Employment and Recognition Division
Mr William Jeffries, Special Adviser, Regional Governance, and Assistant Secretary
Mr Robert Ryan, Assistant Secretary, Empowered Communities Implementation Taskforce
Reconciliation Australia
Ms Karen Mundine, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Andrew Meehan, General Manager, Policy, Research and Government Affairs
Mr Thomas Mayor, Maritime Union of Australia
Mr Tauto Sansbury, Private capacity
Mr Geoffrey Winters, Private capacity
Cape York Institute
Dr Shireen Morris, Senior Policy Adviser and Constitutional Reform Research Fellow

Thursday, 7 June 20183

Central Land Council
Northern Land Council
Tiwi land Council
Anindilyakwa Land Council

Monday, 11 June 2018

Binarri-binyja Yarrawoo Aboriginal Corporation
Ms Christy Hawker, Chief Executive Officer
Wunan Foundation
Mr Ian Trust, Chairperson, and Executive Director
Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley
Councillor David Menzel, Shire President
Ms Nawoola Selina Newry, Private capacity
Kununurra Region Economic Aboriginal Corporation
Ms Tracy Richards
Mr Nathan Storey

Monday, 11 June 2018

Halls Creek
Shire of Halls Creek
Councillor Malcolm Edwards, Shire President
Councillor Bonnie Edwards
Ms Michelle Bedford, Private capacity
Ms Siobhan Casson, Private capacity
Ms Josephine Farrer MLA, Member for Kimberley, Western Australian Parliament
Ms Lewin O’Connell, Electoral Officer, Office of Ms Josephine Farrer MLA,
Western Australian Parliament
Mardiwah Loop Community
Ms Miranda Gore, Chair
Ms Ellen Williamson, Private capacity

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mr James Barron, Private capacity
Miss Sadie Carrington, Private capacity
Ms Bessie Daylight, Private capacity
Ms Beverley Malay, Private capacity
Mr Patrick Mung, Private capacity
Ms Holly Rhodes, Private capacity

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Nyamba Buru Yawuru
Mr Peter Yu, Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Debra Pigram, Chairperson
Yawuru Registered Native Title Holders Body Corporate
Mr Thomas Edgar, Chairperson
Kimberley Land Council
Mr Tyronne Garstone, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr Wayne Bergmann, Special Adviser
Ms Dot West, Private capacity

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fitzroy Crossing
Mr Nathan Lenard, Private capacity
Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre
Mr Neil Carter, Repatriation and Cultural Heritage Officer
Mr Tom Lawford
Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Researcher
Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Women's Resource Centre
Ms Mary Aiken, Chairperson
Ms Emily Carter, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Denise Andrews, Private capacity
Ms Andrew Myers, Private capacity
Mr Mark MacKenzie, Private capacity
Ms Ebony Hill, Private capacity
Monday, 18 June 2018
Professor Tom Calma AO, Private capacity
PM Glynn Institute, Australian Catholic University
Dr Damien Freeman
Uphold & Recognise
Mr Sean Gordon, Chairman
Mr Michael Dillon, Private capacity
Mr Bill Gray AM, Private capacity
Monday, 25 June 2018
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
Mr John Singer, Chairman
Ms Donnella Mills, Deputy Chair
Ms Patricia Turner, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Dawn Casey, Private capacity
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Professor Ian Anderson, Deputy Secretary, Indigenous Affairs Group
Mr Jamie Fox, First Assistant Secretary, Indigenous Affairs Group
Mr Robert Ryan, Assistant Secretary, Empowered Communities
Mr William Jeffries, Assistant Secretary, Close the Gap Refresh and Special Adviser Regional Government

Monday, 2 July 2018
Cape York Institute
Dr Shireen Morris, Senior Policy Adviser and Constitutional Reform Research Fellow
Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project & Birrang Enterprise Development Company Ltd
Mr Alistair Ferguson, Executive Director
Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly
Mr Des Jones, Chairperson
Mr Les Coe, Private capacity
Tuesday, 3 July 2018
Delegates of the Australian National University’s First Nations Governance Forum
Professor Mattias Ahren, Professor of Law, Arctic University of Norway
Dr Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan
Mr Brian Crane QC, Partner, Gowling WLG, Canada, LLP
Dr Dalee Sambo Dorough, Associate Professor, University of Alaska

Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Mr David Jackson AM QC, Private capacity
Australian Catholic University
Professor Greg Craven AO, Vice- Chancellor and President
Professor Rosalind Dixon, Private capacity
Adjunct Professor Eric Sidoti, Private capacity
New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
Mr James Christian, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Charles Lynch, Councillor, Northern Region
Dr Bede Harris, Private capacity
Professor Anne Twomey, Private capacity
Australian Bar Association
Mr Phillip Boulten SC, Chair, Indigenous Committee
Ms Susan Phillips, Member, Indigenous Committee
Mr Simeon Beckett, Member Indigenous Committee
Gilbert + Tobin
Mr Danny Gilbert, Managing Partner
Ms Anne Cregan, Partner

Thursday, 5 July 2018
The Hon. Kyam Maher MLC, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, South Australian Parliament
Dr Roger Thomas, Private capacity
South Australia Native Title Services
Mr Keith Thomas, Chief Executive Officer
Reconciliation South Australia
Professor Peter Buckskin, Co-Chair
Mr Mark Waters, State Manager
Public Law and Policy Research Unit, University of Adelaide
Professor Alex Reilly, Director
Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs
Dr Peter Burdon
Australian Capital Territory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body
Ms Katrina Fanning, Chairperson
Law Council of Australia
Mr Anthony McAvoy SC, Co-Chair, Indigenous Legal Issues Committee
Mr Nathan MacDonald, Senior Policy Lawyer
Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association
Ms Vivianne McKenzie, Vice Chairperson
Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority
Mr Kenneth Sumner, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Steven Sumner, Chief Executive Officer, Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service
Narungga Nations Aboriginal Corporation
Mr Klynton Wanganeen, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Garry Goldsmith, Interim Business Manager
National Congress of Australia's First Peoples
Dr Jackie Huggins, Co-Chair
Mr Rod Little, Co-Chair
The Hon. Amanda Vanstone, Private capacity

Friday, 6 July 2018
Curtin Law School
Adjunct Professor Bertus de Villiers
Technical Advisers: Referendum Council regional dialogues and First Nations Constitutional Convention at Uluru
Dr Gabrielle Appleby, Private capacity
Professor Sean Brennan, Private capacity
Ms Gemma McKinnon, Private capacity
Dr Dylan Lino, Private capacity
Mr Dean Parkin, Private capacity
The Hon. Robert Ian Viner AO QC, Private capacity
Mr Greg McIntyre SC, Private capacity
Dr Michael Breen, Private capacity
The Hon. Fred Chaney AO, Private capacity
Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, University of Melbourne
Professor Adrienne Stone, Director
Professor Cheryl Saunders AO, Member
South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
Ms Gail Beck, Regional Development Manager
Mrs Lorraine Finlay, Private capacity

  • 1
    This meeting was a private briefing. Sections of the Committee Hansard were subsequently published with the permission of witnesses.
  • 2
    This meeting was as a private briefing. Sections of the Committee Hansard were subsequently published with the permission of witnesses.
  • 3
    This meeting was conducted by the four Northern Territory Land Councils with the Committee participating as invitees. As such, the Committee Hansard is not publicly available.

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About this committee

The Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples was appointed by a resolution of appointment in March 2018.

The Committee presented its interim report on 30 July 2018 and presented its final report on 29 November 2018.

Past Public Hearings

18 Oct 2018: Canberra
16 Oct 2018: Canberra
12 Oct 2018: Cherbourg