C. List of public hearings

Thursday, 21 June 2018 - Canberra
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mr Rob Christie, Assistant Secretary, Pacific Regional Economic Branch
Ms Beth Delaney, Assistant Secretary, Development Economics, Private Sector and Agriculture Branch
Mr James Gilling, First Assistant Secretary, Contracting and Aid Management Division
Ms Amy Haddad, Assistant Secretary, Gender Equality Branch
Ms Julie Heckscher, First Assistant Secretary, Southeast Asia Division
Dr Sarah Pearson, Chief Innovation Officer
Mr Peter Versegi, First Assistant Secretary, Development Policy Division
Ms Clare Walsh, Deputy Secretary, Global Cooperation, Development and Partnerships Group
Mr Paul Wood, Chief Financial Officer
Monday, 2 July 2018 - Sydney
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
Adjunct Associate Professor Darryl O'Donnell, Chief Executive Officer
Family Planning NSW
Adjunct Professor Ann Brassil, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Anne Stuart, Director, Planning, Education and International Program
Institute for Sustainable Futures - University of Technology Sydney
Professor Juliet Willetts, Research Director
Diplomacy Training Program, UNSW
Professor David Dixon, Chair
Mr James Fitzgerald, Board Member
International Justice Mission Australia
Ms Caroline Best, Interim Director, Corporate and Legal
Mr Josiah Fajardo, Research and Policy Associate
Ms Skye Kakoschke-Moore, Special Advisor
Inter-Congregational Voice on Climate Change and the Pacific Islands
Sister Lynne Crilley, Member
Sister Janice Ruff, Member
Mrs Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang, Pacific Outreach Officer
Export Council of Australia
Ms Alina Bain, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Heath Baker, Head of policy
RESULTS International Australia
Ms Maree Nutt, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Mark Rice, Policy and Advocacy Manager
Friday, 10 August 2018 - Melbourne
Business for Development
Mr Mark Ingram, Chief Executive Officer
Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand
Ms Molly Harriss Olson, Chief Executive Officer
Water Aid Australia
Mr Luke James Lovell, Learning and Documentation Advisor
Marie Stopes International Australia
Mr Chris Turner, Executive Officer
ASHM International
Miss Nicole (Nikki) Teggelove, International Program Adviser
Ms Katie Greenwood, Associate Director, Advocacy and Strategy
Refugee Council of Australia
Dr Louise Olliff, Senior Adviser, Policy and Community Engagement
Mr Hadi Zaher, Member (individual)
Save the Children Australia
Ms Majella Hurney, Head of Policy and Advocacy
Mr Paul Ronalds, Chief Executive Officer
Dr John Marsh, Director
Plan International Australia
Ms Hayley Cull, Executive Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement
Ms Christine Deng, Head of International Engagement
Ms Kiev Gavin, Policy Officer
International Women’s Development Agency
Dr Caroline Lambert, Director, Research, Policy and Advocacy
Australian Disability and Development Consortium
Ms Lucy Hodson, Executive Officer
Vision 2020 Australia
Ms Tricia Keys, Global General Manager, Brien Holden Vision Institute; and Member
Ms Maureen O'Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, Australian College of Optometry; and Deputy Chair
Ms Danielle Williams, Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Burnet Institute
Prof Michael Toole, AM, Senior Adviser
Professor Matthew Clarke
Institute for Human Security and Social Change, La Trobe University
Associate Professor Christopher John Redmond Roche, Director
Tuesday, 4 September 2018 - Brisbane
The University of Queensland
Professor Robert Cramb, Professor of Agricultural Development, and Deputy Head of School, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Associate Professor Damian Hine, Director, Australian Institute for Business and Economics, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Professor Mark Moran, Group Leader of Development Effectiveness at the Institute for Social Science Research, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr Greta Nabbs-Keller, Manager Indonesia and Southeast Asia UQ International Development and Research Fellow Centre for Policy Futures, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Associate Professor Jacinta O'Hagan, Director, Graduate Centre in Governance and International Affairs, School of Political Science and International Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr Nicole George, Private capacity
Prof Jennifer Corrin, Private capacity
Global Development Group
Mr Geoffrey Armstrong, Executive Director
Outland Denim
Mrs Sally Townsend, Partnerships Manager

Thursday, 15 November 2018 - Canberra
Ms Rebecca Hamilton, Policy and Advocacy Adviser
Ms Bridi Rice, Director of Policy and Advocacy
World Vision Australia
Mr Teige Cahill, Head of Program Management
Dr Dane Moores, Senior Economic Development Policy Adviser
International Development Contractors Community
Ms Joanne Choe, Board Director
Dr Cameron Hill, Member Representative
Abt Associates Australia
Ms Jacqui De Lacy, Managing Director
Dr Reiko Take, Program Manager
Australian National University
Dr Patrick Kilby, Senior Lecturer, School of Archaeology and Anthropology
Associate Professor Sango Mahanty, Resources, Environment and Development Group
The Human Rights Council of Australia Inc
Mr Andrew Naylor, Chairperson
United Nations Children's Fund
Mr Sheldon Yett, Representative for Pacific Island Countries
UN Women National Committee Australia
Ms Catherine Walker, Non-executive Director
Ms Janelle Weissman, Executive Director
Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) (via teleconference)
Ms Lisa McAuley, Chief Executive Officer
eWater - Australian Water Partnership
Mr David Dreverman, Executive Director
Crawford Fund
Dr Colin Chartres, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Rebecca Cotton, Committee Member, Researchers in Agriculture for International Development
Asia Pacific Journalism Centre (APJC)
Mr John Wallace, Board Member
Mr Jack Waterford, Board Member and Chairman
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Ms Jo Elsom, International Development Lead
Mr David Hua, Head, International Strategy
Ms Juliet Anne Bell, Executive Manager, Global
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Dr Michael Battaglia, Research Director, Agriculture and Global Change, Agriculture and Food
Ms Eleanor Dean, General Manager, Outreach and Capacity Building
Dr Peter Horne, General Manager, Country Programs
Dr Peter John Wallbrink, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Land and Water
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mr Andrew Byrne, First Assistant Secretary, Soft Power, Communications and Scholarships Division
Ms Beth Delaney, Assistant Secretary, Pacific Regional Economic Branch
Mr David Dutton, Assistant Secretary, Southeast Asia Regional Engagement Branch
Mr James Gilling, First Assistant Secretary, Contracting and Aid Management Division
Mr Ravi Kewalram, Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Trade Policy Branch
Dr Cate Rogers, Assistant Secretary, Development Policy and Education Branch
Mr Chris Tinning, First Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Development and Finance Division
Mr Peter Versegi, First Assistant Secretary, Development Policy Division

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