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Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Inquiry into the Kyoto Protocol


Submissions have been received from the following organisations and individuals.

All submissions received electronically are available from this page. To view or print the pdf document, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader ®, which can be downloaded free of charge from AdobeCopies of these submissions are also available from the Committee Secretariat.

No. Government
112 Commonwealth Government Departments
112.1 Australian Greenhouse Office - supplementary submission (PDF format 25kb)
112.2 Australian Greenhouse Office - supplementary submission (PDF format 1831kb)
112.3 Australian Greenhouse Office - supplementary submission (PDF format 668kb)
119 Western Australian Ministry of the Premier and Cabinet (PDF format 27kb)
141 Northern Territory Government (PDF format 38kb)

No. Industry/NGOs/other groups
7 Native Forest Network Southern Hemisphere (PDF format 30kb)
10 Conservation Initiatives for Sustainability (PDF format 12kb)
14 Osbourne Associates (PDF format 13kb) Attachment (PDF format 19kb)
24 Orbital Engine Corporation Limited (PDF format 38kb)
27 EnviroStar Energy
35 National Association of Forest Industries (PDF format 20kb)
41 The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
47 Bellingen Environment Centre (PDF format 5kb)
48 Australian Reproductive Health Alliance
52 Human Society International
56 Sutherland Shire Council (PDF format 7kb)
59 Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
63 Bicycle Federation of Australia (PDF format 4kb)
64 The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd
70 AID/WATCH (PDF format 43kb)
75 Australian Petroleum Cooperative Research Centre (PDF format 13kb)
77 The Australia Institute (PDF format 51kb)
78 The Lavoisier Group (PDF format 226kb)
79 Antarctic CRC
81 Albury-Wodonga Environment Centre
82 Epic Energy Centre (PDF format 12kb)
85 McKean & Park (PDF format 16kb)
88 Norske Skog
95 Minerals Council of Australia (PDF format 38kb)
96 Cement Industry Federation
97 Women's Planning Network Victoria Inc (PDF format 22kb)
98 Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (PDF format 51kb)
109 Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU (PDF format 18kb)
110 Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited (PDF format 22kb)
111 Australian Property Institute (PDF format 17kb)
114 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF format 26kb) + Attachment (PDF format 93kb)
115 The Australian Gas Association (PDF format 17kb)
117 Pulp & Paper Manufacturers of Australia (PDF format 327kb)
118 Bureau of Meteorology (PDF format 32kb)
120 Stanwell Corporation Limited (PDF format 75kb)
121 Latrobe Valley Generators (PDF format 122kb)
122 Sustainable Cities & Industries Campaign (PDF format 41kb)
123 CRC for Greenhouse Accounting (PDF format 35kb)
124 Australian Coalition for Economic Justice (PDF format 18kb)
125 Rio Tinto
126 Renewable Energy Generators Australia Ltd (PDF format 409kb)
126.1 Renewable Energy Generators Australia Ltd - supplementary submission (PDF format 463kb)
127 Greenpeace (PDF format 52kb)
128 Australian Coal Association
129 Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WA) (PDF format 17kb) + Attachment (PDF format 144kb)
130 The Australian Gas Light Company (PDF format 29kb)
131 Australian Aluminium Council (PDF format 85kb)
132 The Sustainable Energy Industry Association (PDF format 31kb) + Attachment 1 (PDF format 68kb) + Attachment 2 (PDF format 12kb)
132.1 The Sustainable Energy Industry Association - supplementary submission (PDF format 32kb)
133 Australian Industry Group
134 Climate Action Network Australia (PDF format 56kb)
135 Institution of Engineers Australia (PDF format 25kb)
139 International Trade Strategies Pty Ltd
147 EnviroCom Australia

No. Individuals
1 Mr Geoffrey Penhall
2 Ms Joan Vanderwerdt (PDF format 4kb)
3 Ravi Singh
4 Ms Karen Winnett (PDF format 4kb)
5 Mr Robert Brooks
6 Mr David Karr (PDF format 5kb)
8 Mr Phil Baker
9 Mr Geoff Pelly
11 Mr Howard Flinders (PDF format 4kb)
12 Mr Jonathan Doig (PDF format 5kb)
13 Ms Sophie Underwood (PDF format 5kb)
15 Mr Jeremy Lawrence (PDF format 7kb)
16 Ms Liz Blanks (PDF format 3kb)
17 Ms Leanne Olds (PDF format 3kb)
18 Ms Coral Newman (PDF format 4kb)
19 Ms Alyson Macdonald (PDF format 6kb)
19.1 Ms Alyson Macdonald (PDF format 7kb) (supplementary submission)
20 Dr Clyde Anderson (PDF format 3kb)
21 Ms Carolyn Macdonald (PDF format 3kb)
22 Ms Susan Clennett (PDF format 92kb)
23 Professor Warwick McKibbin (PDF format 120kb)
25 Mr John Seed (PDF format 4kb)
26 Mr Robert Rutkowski (PDF format 5kb)
28 Mr G Lloyd-Smith (PDF format 15kb)
29 Ms Rachael O'Mara (PDF format 3kb)
30 Ms Melinda Denham (PDF format 4kb)
31 Ms Maria Simonelli (PDF format 10kb)
32 Ms Maureen Beatty
33 Mrs Rosemary Drabsch (PDF format 3kb)
34 Ms Tina Lesses (PDF format 9kb)
36 Ms Lisa McDermott (PDF format 20kb)
37 Ms Amy Atkinson (PDF format 4kb)
38 Dr Bill Burrows (PDF format 9kb) Attachment 1 (PDF format 22kb) Attachment 2 (PDF format 1091kb)
Attachment 3 (PDF format 5205kb) Attachment 4 (PDF format 65kb) Attachment 5 (PDF format 416kb) Attachment 6 (PDF format 196kb)
39 Mr Robert Langley
42 Dr Keith Cockley
43 J Williams
44 Mr John Daly (PDF format 19kb) Section 1 (PDF format 247kb) Section 2 (PDF format 445kb) Section 3 Attachment (PDF format 373kb)
45 Mr Charles Holub (PDF format 3kb)
46 Ms Eileen Kelly
49 Dr Murray Rowden-Rich (PDF format 23kb)
50 Professor David Karoly (PDF format 9kb)
51 Ms Jo Hill
53 Mr & Mrs M & B Macdonald (PDF format 3kb)
54 Mr David Wanless (PDF format 5kb)
55 Mr Ian Snake (PDF format 3kb)
57 Mr Ron Van Delft (PDF format 3kb)
58 Mr David Green(PDF format 14kb)
58.1 Mr David Green (PDF format 8kb) (supplementary)
60 Mr Stuart Hill (PDF format 6kb)
61 Mr Robert Ludwig (PDF format 4kb)
62 Ms Carrie Sonneborn (PDF format 55kb)
65 Ms Danielle Beinart (PDF format 116kb)
66 Mr John Dival
67 Mr Gerhard Weissmann (PDF format 8kb)
68 Mr Nigel Radford (PDF format 22kb)
69 Ms Lyn Amos (PDF format 3kb)
71 Dr Brian O'Brien (PDF format 39kb)
72 Dr Jane Andrew (PDF format 16kb)
73 E M Aujard
74 Mrs Jocelyn Clarkson
76 Ms Helena Merrett (PDF format 5kb)
80 Mr Warwick Hughes (PDF format 232kb)
83 Mr Rick Calitz (PDF format 10kb)
84 S McMahon (PDF format 123kb)
86 Mr Robert Foster (PDF format 222kb)
86.1 Mr Robert Foster
86.2 Mr Robert Foster
87 Ms Margaret Dingle
89 Mr Brian Carter (PDF format 8kb)
90 Mr Martin White (PDF format 6kb)
91 Mr Graham Daly (PDF format 8kb)
92 Ms Stacie Wang (PDF format 4kb)
93 Thao Le Thanh (PDF format 6kb)
94 Mr Andrew Jeeves (PDF format 51kb)
100 Mr & Mrs G King (PDF format 8kb)
101 Mr Ewald Schober(PDF format 4kb)
102 Ms Julie Schober
103 Mr Keith Mounsher (PDF format 4kb)
104 Mr David Thorp (PDF format 22kb)
105 Mr Peter Keogh (PDF format 3kb)
106 Ms Jeanette Weise (PDF format 14kb)
107 Ms Sonia Blackburn (PDF format 6kb)
108 Mr & Mrs McNaughton (PDF format 20kb)
116 Dr Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
136 Dr Ross McKitrick (PDF format 63kb)
137 Professor Ian Lowe (PDF format 74kb)
138 Professor Jan Narveson (PDF format 19kb)
140 Professor Philip Laird (PDF format 25kb)
143 Mr David Rowe (PDF format 53kb)
144 Mr David Packham
145 Mr Andrew Helps
146 Ms Kylie Goodwin (PDF format 25kb)
148 Prof Stephen Schneider (PDF format 44kb)