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Inquiry into Australia's Human Rights Dialogue Process

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On Monday 12 September 2005, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade tabled its report on the inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Dialogue Process.

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This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 6 chapters and 6 appendices.

Australia’s Human Rights Dialogue Process

Preliminary pages (PDF 148KB)
Contents, Foreword, Committee Membership, Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations and List of Recommendations

Chapter 1 (PDF 79KB)

Chapter 2 (PDF 92KB)
Parliamentary Participation and Oversight

Chapter 3 (PDF 110KB)
Involvement of Non-Government Organisations

Chapter 4 (PDF 114KB)
The Roles and Obligations of Participating Agencies

Chapter 5 (PDF 102KB)
Reporting Requirements and Mechanisms

Chapter 6 (PDF 116KB)
The Monitoring and Evaluation of Outcomes

Appendix A (PDF 52KB)
List of Submissions and Exhibits

Appendix B (PDF 47KB)
List of Hearings and Witnesses

Appendix C (PDF 80KB)
Overview of Australia’s Bilateral Human Rights Dialogues and Associated Activities

Appendix D (PDF 60KB)
List of Topics Discussed at Australia’s Human Rights Dialogues

Appendix E (PDF 55KB)
EU Guidelines on Human Rights Dialogues

Appendix F (PDF 36KB)
EU Council’s Human Rights Dialogue Benchmarks for the EU-China Dialogue