Completed Inquiry: Australia's Regional Dialogue on Human Rights

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Completed Inquiry: Australia's Regional Dialogue on Human Rights


The Committee presented its Report Improving But...: Australia's regional dialogue on human rights in both Houses on 29 June 1998. Copies of the individual chapters are available in both PDF and HTML format. The report is now out of print and no longer available from the Committee Secretariat.

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Executive Summary and List of Recommendations (PDF Format 13KB)

    Executive Summary and Recommendations - HTML version

Chapter 1: The Inquiry (PDF Format 10KB)

    Chapter One - HTML version

Chapter 2: The Current Debate on the Interpretation of Human Rights in the Region (PDF Format 36KB)

    Chapter Two - HTML version

Chapter 3: The Place of Human Rights in Australia's Relations (PDF Format 60KB)

    Chapter Three - HTML version

Chapter 4: Australia's Human Rights Activity in the Region (PDF Format)    (81KB)

    Chapter Four - HTML version

Chapter 5: Human Rights and Regional Security and Stability (PDF Format 42KB)

    Chapter Five - HTML version

Chapter 6: Ratification of UN Human Rights Treaties in the Region (PDF Format 53KB)

    Chapter Six- HTML version

Chapter 7: Current Processes and Institutions (PDF Format 62KB)

    Chapter Seven - HTML version

Appendix 1: List of Submissions (PDF Format 6KB)

Appendix 2: List of Witnesses Appearing at Public Hearings (PDF Format 8KB) 

Appendix 3: List of Exhibits and Other Source Material (PDF Format 13KB)

Appendix 4: Draft Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities (PDF Format 10KB)

Appendix 5: Human Rights International Instruments - Chart of Ratifications in Asia Pacific Region (PDF Format 11KB)

Appendix 6: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PDF Format 12KB)