Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

The Suitability of the Australian Army for Peacetime, Peacekeeping and War


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions are available from the Committee Secretariat. Submissions are listed in numerical order, and supplementary submissions are also indicated.

No. Received from
1 Mr H F Keen
2 Mr R C M Toplis
3 Mr R Downey
4 Mr L J Usher
5 Mr L Francis
6 Ms J Williams
7 Mr W Thompson
8 Mr R J W Cain
9 Mr J F Gallaway
10 Mr N B Filby
11 Mr Ric Livingstone
12 Mr W Carey
13 Mr Peter Stewart
14 Mr N F Evans
15 Mrs Donna and Mr Mark Mathews
16 Mr A T Parker
17 Mr Bob Fung
18 Returned Services League of Australia Limited
19 Brigadier Brian and Mr Scott Cooper
20 MajGen Barry Nunn, AO, RFD, ED(RL)
21 Captain B K White
22 Bioss International (Australia)
23 Mr Andy Brockenbrow
24 Confidential Submission
25 Defence Reserves Association
26 Mr Howard Jennings
27 Mr John Lenehan
28 Mr Alistair McCormick
28 Mr Howard Groffman
30 Dr Graeme Cheeseman
31 Dr Tom King
32 Dr James Wood
33 Confidential Submission
34 Mr Peter Graves
35 Department of Defence
36 Mr Bernie Gaynor
37 Australian Cretan Federation - NSW Division
38 Mr Douglas Strain
39 Mr Peter Jones
40 Mr Roger Jennings
41 Mr Robert Copley
42 Mr G S Hollingsworth
43 Brigadier Ian Flawith
44 Brigadier Robert Atkinson, RFD
45 Mr Chris Gardiner
46 Australia Defence Association
47 Australian Army
48 Mr Wayne Hamilton
49 Mr N B Filby (Supplementary to Submission No 10)
50 Col David Chalmers
51 Mr N B Filby (Supplementary to Submission Nos 10 and 49)
52 Mr R C M Toplis (Supplementary to Submission No 2)
53 World Vision Australia
54 Air Marshal David Evans, AC, DSO, AFC, RAAF (Ret'd)
55 Mr Robert Buick, MM
56 Mr Martin Hamilton-Smith, MP
57 Captain J Cunningham
58 Confidential Submission
59 CARE Australia
60 Mr Leon Francis (Supplementary to Submission No 5)
61 Australian Army (Supplementary to Submission No 47)
62 Submission Withdrawn
63 Brigadier Robert Atkinson, RFD (Supplementary to Submission No 44)
64 Mr Leon Francis (Supplementary to Submission Nos 5 & 47)
65 Associate Professor Hugh Smith
66 Mr Robert Copley (Supplementary to Submission No 41)
67 Mr Fred Goode
68 Australian Council of Trade Unions (Supplementary to Submission No 7)
69 Brigadier Brian Cooper (Ret'd) (Supplementary to Submission No 19)
70 Mr John Leneham (Supplementary to Submission No 27)
71 Brigadier P F McIntosh, CSC
72 Mr A T Parker (Supplementary to Submission No 16)
73 Department of Defence (Supplementary to Submission No 35)
74 Australian Army (Supplementary to Submission No 47)