Inquiry into Australia’s relationship with the countries of Africa

Inquiry into Australia’s relationship with the countries of Africa

June 2011

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011
ISBN 978-0-642-79307-2 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79308-9 (HTML version)

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Preliminary pages (PDF 191KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 329KB)

Background to the inquiry
Africa—a diverse continent
African multinational organisations
The African Union
The Economic Community of West African States
Southern African Development Community
Other Multinational Intergovernmental Organisations
The outlook for Africa
Australia's engagement with Africa
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 Government to Government Links (PDF 332KB)

Australia's diplomatic representation
Coverage of Australian representation—breadth or depth?
Parliamentary links
Committee comment
Government links
Treaties and memoranda of understanding
Engagement in multilateral forums
Meetings involving heads of state and government ministers
Links at officials level

Chapter 3 Australia’s Aid Program (PDF 427KB)

The Paris Declaration
The Accra Agenda for Action
The Millennium Development Goals
Committee Comment
Australian Aid to Africa
Official Development Assistance
Non-Government Organisations
Committee’s visit to Africa
Committee Comment
Private Initiatives
Committee Comment

Chapter 4 Education Links (PDF 408KB)

University links
Monash University
University of Sydney
Scholarships and exchanges
Getting value
Committee comment
A centre to focus on African issues
Current capacity
Creation of a centre to focus on African studies
Committee comment

Chapter 5 Research Links (PDF 218KB)

Official Research for Development
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Committee Comment
Other Official Research Connections
Australian Research Council
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Cooperative Research Centre Program
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Program
The Square Kilometre Array
Non-Official Research Connections
Legume research in Africa
Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa
Committee Comment

Chapter 6 Trade and Investment (PDF 566KB)

Trade with Africa
Potential for growth in trade
Impediments to growth in trade
Resources sector
Australia Africa Council
Committee comment

Chapter 7 Defence and Security (PDF 476KB)

Policy framework
The National Security Statement 2008
The Defence White Paper 2009
Response to Australia’s defence policy
Committee comment
Defence involvement with Africa
Appointment of a Defence Attaché
Landmine clearing operations
Crime and security
Financial contribution
Liaison posts
Nuclear Non-proliferation
Committee comment
Security in Zimbabwe
Committee comment

Chapter 8 Africans in Australia (PDF 247KB)

The African Diaspora in Australia
Geographical Origins
Skills Stream
Family Stream
Issues Faced by the African Community in Australia
Settlement Services
Committee Comment
Utilising the Australian African Community
Committee Comment

Appendix A—List of Submissions (PDF 89KB)
Appendix B—List of Exhibits (PDF 73KB)
Appendix C—Witnesses appearing at Public Hearings (PDF 165KB)
Appendix D—Committee Delegation visit to Africa—Itinerary (PDF 168KB)

South Africa
Tuesday, 5 April 2011—Johannesburg
Wednesday, 6 April 2011—Johannesburg
Wednesday, 6 April 2011—Pretoria
Friday, 8 April 2011—Harare
Saturday, 9 April 2011—Bulawayo
Sunday, 10 April 2011—Bulawayo to Victoria Falls
Monday, 11 April 2011—Victoria Falls
Tuesday, 12 April 2011—Accra
Wednesday, 13 April 2011—Takoradi, West Ghana
Thursday, 14 April 2011—Accra
Saturday, 16 April 2011—Addis Ababa

Appendix E—Australian Diplomatic Representation in Africa (PDF 52KB)