Completed Inquiry: Visits to immigration detention centres

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Completed Inquiry: Visits to immigration detention centres


The Committee presented its report A report on visits to immigration detention centres to both Houses of Parliament on 18 June 2001. Copies of the individual chapters are available in PDF format. The report is also available from the Committee Secretariat.

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List of Recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF Format 19KB)
     Chapter 1: HTML version

Chapter 2: Background (PDF Format 56KB)
     Chapter 2: HTML version

Chapter 3: Administration of detention centres (PDF Format 26KB)
     Chapter 3: HTML version

Chapter 4: Detention centres: an overview (PDF Format 100KB)
     Chapter 4: HTML version

Chapter 5: Processing and related issues (PDF Format 55KB)
     Chapter 5: HTML version

Chapter 6: ACM's treatment of detainees (PDF Format 44KB)
     Chapter 6: HTML version

Chapter 7: The effects of detention (PDF Format 23KB)
     Chapter 7: HTML version

Chapter 8: Conclusions (PDF Format 10KB)
     Chapter 8: HTML version

Qualifying Comment (PDF Format 8KB)

Appendix A - Program of visits (PDF Format 9KB)

Appendix B - Reports on detention centres (PDF Format 14KB)

Appendix C - Arrivals by boat in 2000 (PDF Format 9KB)

Appendix D - World-wide refugee numbers (PDF Format 19KB)

Appendix E - Upgrading detention centres (PDF Format 10KB)

Appendix F - UNHCR's Guidelines on asylum seekers (PDF Format 35KB)

Appendix G - Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (PDF Format 42KB)

Appendix H - Immigration Detention Standards (PDF Format 39KB)