Completed Inquiry: Bosnia - Australia's Response

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Completed Inquiry: Bosnia - Australia's Response


The Committee presented its Report Bosnia: Australia's Response to the Presiding Officers on 25 January 1996. The report was tabled in the Senate on 30 April 1996 and in the House of Representatives on 2 May 1996. Copies of the individual chapters are available in PDF format. The report is now out of print and no longer available from the Committee Secretariat.

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Forward, Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF Format 15KB) 

Chapter 1: Ethnic Cleansing and the Plight of Refugees (PDF Format 50KB)

Chapter 2: The Role of the United Nations (PDF Format 24KB)

         Table 2.1 (PDF Format)

Chapter 3: The Provision of Humanitarian Aid (PDF Format 61KB)

         Table 3.1 (PDF Format)

Chapter 4: Prospects for Peace (PDF Format 46KB)

Appendix 4: Summary of UN Resolutions on the Former Yugoslavia (PDF Format 29KB)

Appendix 5: Summary of the Dayton Peace Agreement (PDF Format 18KB)