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Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2004 Federal Election and Matters Related Thereto

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 221 submissions in the following list.

  1. The Hon Bruce Scott MP (PDF 72KB)
  2. Mr Mark Powell (PDF 33KB)
  3. Mr Robert Cowley (PDF 63KB)
  4. Mr Bob Patterson (PDF 36KB)
  5. Mrs Josie Bamber (PDF 21KB)
  6. Mr Stanley Roth (PDF 25KB)
  7. Mr Eddie Kendell (PDF 20KB)
  8. Mr Peter Hickey (PDF 126KB)
  9. Mr Laurie Ferguson MP (PDF 33KB)
  10. Mr Dick Adams MP (PDF 339KB)
  11. Mr Eero Laurila (PDF 17KB)
  12. Ms Kay Fielden (PDF 45KB)
  13. Mr Michael Doyle (PDF 204KB)
  14. Mr R Deacon (PDF 29KB)
  15. Mrs Anne Bailey (PDF 52KB)
  16. Guide Dogs Victoria (PDF 37KB)
  17. Mrs Jenny Miller (PDF 26KB)
  18. Professor Emeritus Peter Bayliss (PDF 43KB)
  19. Mr Marcus Beresford (PDF 82KB)
  20. Retina Australia (NSW) Inc. (PDF 31KB)
  21. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka (PDF 2645KB)
  22. Ilona Renwick (PDF 35KB)
  23. Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
  24. Mr Peter Stiphout (PDF 41KB)
  25. Confidential
  26. Mrs Mary Emmott (PDF 13KB)
  27. Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias (PDF 32KB)
  28. Communication Project Group (PDF 38KB)
  29. Mr Stan Lewin (PDF 38KB)
  30. Ms Alison Cousland (PDF 19KB)
  31. Mr Noel Abrahams (PDF 166KB)
  32. Paroo Shire Council (PDF 24KB)
  33. Mr Beverley Stubbs (PDF 27KB)
  34. Mr John Clarkson (PDF 149KB)
  35. Mr Bruce Kirkpatrick (PDF 29KB)
  36. Mr Juliet Kirkpatrick (PDF 31KB)
  37. Mr Garry Meehan (PDF 13KB)
  38. Ms Bronwyn Smith (PDF 66KB)
  39. Senator Bob Brown (PDF 238KB)
  40. Mr Christopher Bayliss (PDF 40KB)
  41. H. S. Chapman Society (PDF 37KB)
  42. Mr Brian McRae (PDF 143KB)
  43. Quilpie Shire Council (PDF 19KB)
  44. Dr John Quiggin (PDF 88KB)
  45. RPH Adelaide Inc. (PDF 35KB)
  46. Mrs Sonja Doyle (PDF 67KB)
  47. Mrs Lindsay MacDonald (PDF 78KB)
  48. Professor George Williams & Mr Bryan Mercurio (PDF 192KB)
  49. Senator Ruth Webber (PDF 67KB)
  50. People with Disability Australia Inc. (PDF 48KB)
  51. Warroo Shire Council (PDF 20KB)
  52. Mr Peter Brun (PDF 131KB)
  53. The Nationals - Hinkler Divsional Council (PDF 63KB)
  54. RBS.RVIV.VAF (Royal Blind Society of NSW, Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, & Vision Australia Foundation) (PDF 117KB)
  55. Ms Kimberley Fischer and Mr Stephen Bounds (PDF 198KB)
  56. Mr John Kilcullen (PDF 365KB)
  57. Mr John Klumpe (PDF 11KB)
  58. Dr Lisa Hill and Mr Jonathon Louth (PDF 107KB)
  59. Mr William Bowe (PDF 88KB)
  60. Dr Geoff Gallop, Premier of Western Australia (PDF 39KB)
  61. Mr Peter Jessop (PDF 62KB)
  62. Bungil Shire Council (PDF 23KB)
  63. The Nationals - Roma Branch (PDF 23KB)
  64. Murilla Shire Council (PDF 25KB)
  65. Mr Gerald Breen (PDF 27KB)
  66. Mr Michael Wilson (PDF 46KB)
  67. Mr Dino Ottavi (PDF 67KB)
  68. NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre (PDF 68KB)
  69. Professor Emeritus Colin Hughes (PDF 228KB)
  70. Australian Institute of Credit Management (PDF 169KB)
  71. Mr Alan Skyring (PDF 301KB)
  72. Mr Richard Gunter (PDF 401KB)
  73. Mr Antony Green (PDF 1729KB)
  74. Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 494KB)
  75. Mr Brian Lofter (PDF 16KB)
  76. Mr Peter Kelly (PDF 18KB)
  77. Ms Sally Francis (PDF 15KB)
  78. Mr Roger Keyes (PDF 16KB)
  79. Mr Mark Byrne (PDF 19KB)
  80. Ms Elizabeth Ingham (PDF 26KB)
  81. S. A. Ward (PDF 35KB)
  82. Ms Christine Hooper (PDF 21KB)
  83. Ms Anne McKay (PDF 34KB)
  84. Ms Susan Russell (PDF 26KB)
  85. Mr J. Craig McKay (PDF 21KB)
  86. Magennis Weate (PDF 22KB)
  87. Dr Judy Lambert (PDF 45KB)
  88. Mr Bruce McQueen (PDF 141KB)
  89. Mr Eric Jones (PDF 373KB)
  90. Mr David Risttrom (PDF 89KB)
  91. The Nationals - Wide Bay Divisional Council (PDF 50KB)
  92. The Nationals - Federal Secretariat (PDF 2613KB)
  93. Winton Shire Council (PDF 45KB)
  94. The Hon Arch Bevis MP (PDF 144KB)
  95. Liberal Party of Australia - Federal Secretariat (PDF 87KB)
  96. Senator John Cherry (PDF 986KB)
  97. Democratic Audit of Australia (PDF 362KB)
  98. Mr Graham Ebbage (PDF 36KB)
  99. The Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 104KB)
  100. Electoral Reform Society of South Australia (PDF 599KB)
  101. Royal Society for the Blind (PDF 39KB)
  102. Mr Kris Hanna MP, South Australian Parliament (PDF 33KB)
  103. Waverley Greens (PDF 67KB)
  104. Mr Peter Van Onselen and Dr Wayne Errington (PDF 844KB)
  105. Professor Brian Costar and Mr David Mackenzie (PDF 253KB)
  106. Professor Brian Costar (PDF 88KB)
  107. Australian Greens (PDF 124KB)
  108. Mr John Wright (PDF 23KB)
  109. Australian Financial Conference (PDF 46KB)
  110. FCS Online (PDF 40KB)
  111. Tasmanian Greens (PDF 42KB)
  112. Ms Helen Hutchinson (PDF 37KB)
  113. Mr Lawerence Milburn (PDF 56KB)
  114. Mr Trevor Khan (PDF 136KB)
  115. Mr John Pyke (PDF 66KB)
  116. Ms Anna Bridle (PDF 27KB)
  117. Mr David Edgar (PDF 44KB)
  118. Mrs Danna Vale MP (PDF 37KB)
  119. Mr Jon Stanhope, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory (PDF 94KB)
  120. The Hon Jackie Kelly MP (PDF 28KB)
  121. Democratic Labor Party (PDF 167KB)
  122. Dr Pam Muggeridge (PDF 14KB)
  123. Mr David Patton (PDF 1327KB)
  124. Braidwood Greens (PDF 53KB)
  125. Festival of Light Australia (PDF 298KB)
  126. Confidential
  127. Mr Glenn Ryall (PDF 389KB)
  128. The Hon Phillip Ruddock MP (PDF 22KB)
  129. The Hon Pat Farmer MP (PDF 26KB)
  130. Mr Peter Andren MP (PDF 584KB)
  131. PILCH Homeless Persons' Legal Clinic (PDF 940KB)
  132. Department of Defence (PDF 131KB)
  133. The Hon Peter Dutton MP (PDF 133KB)
  134. Mr Ivan Freys (PDF 403KB)
  135. Blind Citizens Australia - Mr John Power (PDF 581KB)
  136. Australian Labor Party - Mr Tim Gartrell (PDF 971KB)
  137. Mr Cameron Riley (PDF 126KB)
  138. Canberra Blind Society - Mrs June Ashmore (PDF 55KB)
  139. Mr Gosta Lynga (PDF 41KB)
  140. Mr Julian Hinton (PDF 25KB)
  141. Name and details confidential (PDF 328KB)
  142. Mr Phil Paterson (PDF 64KB)
  143. Mr T.M. Mathers (PDF 107KB)
  144. Public Interest Advocacy Centre - Ms Robin Banks (PDF 815KB)
  145. Dr Sally Young (PDF 729KB)
  146. Mr Jim Dannock (PDF 573KB)
  147. Mr Brian Cunnington (PDF 1436KB)
  148. Mr Michael O'Reilly (PDF 158KB)
  149. Mr Keith Rex (PDF 1943KB)
  150. The Western Queensland Local Government Association - Mr Kenneth Timms (PDF 72KB)
  151. CAST Civic Action Skills Teachers - Mr Darryl Wheeley (PDF 195KB)
  152. Mr Ray Jordan (PDF 1547KB)
  153. Senator Len Harris (PDF 653KB)
  154. Mr Stanley Ghys (PDF 723KB)
  155. Ms Alexandria Hicks, Mr Henry Pinskier and Mr Ari Suss (PDF 85KB)
  156. Senator the Hon Paul Calvert (PDF 63KB)
  157. Mr Don Willis (PDF 106KB)
  158. Ms H Watkins Butterworth (PDF 119KB)
  159. Sir David Smith (PDF 154KB)
  160. Mr Joo-Cheong Tham and Dr Graeme Orr (PDF 25KB)
  161. Supplementary to submission 123
    Mr David Patton (PDF 1612KB)
  162. Supplementary to submission 35
    Mr Bruce Kirkpatrick (PDF 119KB)
  163. Supplementary to submission 99
    The Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 398KB)
  164. Supplementary to submission 46
    Ms Sonja Doyle (PDF 342KB)
  165. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 1894KB)
  166. Liberals for Forests - Dr Keith Woollard (PDF 133KB)
  167. Mr Martin Mulvhill (PDF 77KB)
  168. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 706KB)
  169. Supplementary to submission 160
    Dr Graeme Orr (PDF 41KB)
  170. Supplementary to submission 69
    Professor Emeritus Colin Hughes (PDF 84KB)
  171. Australian National University - Professor Lawrence Cram (PDF 239KB)
  172. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 907KB)
  173. The Nationals - Mr Andrew Sochacki (PDF 1102KB)
  174. University of Western Australia - Professor Doug McEachern (PDF 71KB)
  175. Supplementary to submission 13
    Mr Michael Doyle (PDF 37KB)
  176. Mr Stephen Luntz (PDF 25KB)
  177. Supplementary to submission 100
    Electoral Reform Society of South Australia (PDF 291KB)
  178. Mr Arthur James (PDF 78KB)
  179. Mr Peter Andrew (PDF 132KB)
  180. Supplementary to submission 44
    Dr John Quiggin (PDF 114KB)
  181. Mr Shawn O'Brien (PDF 40KB)
  182. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 485KB)
  183. Mr Bill Howell (PDF 432KB)
  184. The ACT Electoral Commission - Mr Phil Green (PDF 493KB)
  185. Council for the National Interest Western Australian Committee - Mr Denis Whitely (PDF 299KB)
  186. Supplementary to submission 35
    Mr Bruce Kirkpatrick (PDF 479KB)
  187. Supplementary to submission 41
    H. S. Chapman Society - Dr Amy McGrath (PDF 4316KB)
  188. Supplementary to submission 73
    Mr Antony Green (PDF 337KB)
  189. Supplementary to submission 35
    Mr Bruce Kirkpatrick (PDF 529KB)
  190. Supplementary to submission 109
    Australian Financial Conference - Mr Ron Hardaker (PDF 123KB)
  191. Supplementary to submission 110
    FCS Online - Ms Margo Fitzgibbon (PDF 162KB)
  192. Mrs Jennifer Collett (PDF 10KB)
  193. Mr Garry Watson (PDF 47KB)
  194. Mr Peter Wilkinson (PDF 12KB)
  195. Mr Christopher Pyne MP (PDF 586KB)
  196. Mr Malcolm Turnbull MP (PDF 373KB)
  197. Mr Julian Sheezel (PDF 1204KB)
  198. Confidential
  199. Supplementary to submission 160
    Mr Joo-Cheong Tham and Dr Graeme Orr (PDF 56KB)
  200. Unity Party WA - Mr Eddie Hwang (PDF 18KB)
  201. Supplementary to submission 136
    Australian Labor Party - Mr Tim Gartrell (PDF 1103KB)
  202. Supplementary to submission 28
    Dr Kathryn Gunn (PDF 63KB)
  203. Supplementary to submission 142
    Mr Phil Paterson (PDF 11KB)
  204. Supplementary to submission 92
    The Nationals - Mr Andrew Hall (PDF 299KB)
  205. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 2035KB)
  206. Supplementary to submission 166
    Dr Keith Woolard (PDF 204KB)
  207. Supplementary to submission 166
    Dr Keith Woolard (PDF 311KB)
  208. Name and details confidential (PDF 18KB)
  209. Mr J Highfield (PDF 206KB)
  210. Mr P Morgan (PDF 519KB)
  211. Mr Peter Newland (PDF 70KB)
  212. Mr Terence Healy (PDF 1339KB)
  213. Mr Michael O'Reily (PDF 629KB)
  214. Supplementary to submission 213
    Mr Michael O'Reily (PDF 1843KB)
  215. Ms C Campbell (PDF 150KB)
  216. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 3661KB)
  217. Supplementary to submission 121
    Democratic Labor Party (PDF 86KB)
  218. Mr Doug Walker (PDF 405KB)
  219. Supplementary to submission 95
    The Liberal Party of Australia - Mr Brian Loughnane (PDF 311KB)
  220. Professor Matt Qvortrup (PDF 81KB)
  221. Supplementary to submission 74
    Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 546KB)