Submissions 45th Parliament

The inquiry, which had originally been referred in the 44th Parliament, lapsed with the dissolution of the 45th Parliament. The inquiry was subsequently re-referred at the beginning of the current 46th Parliament. Submissions to the inquiry received in the 44th Parliament can be accessed here, and in the 46th Parliament here.

Submissions received by the Committee

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9Australian Federal Police (PDF 296 KB) 
10Australian Commission for Law Enfocement Integrity (PDF 574 KB) 
11Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (PDF 318 KB) 
12Attorney-General's Department (PDF 192 KB) 
13Department of Immigration and Border Protection (PDF 445 KB) 
14Maritime Union of Australia (PDF 226 KB) 
Australian Federal Police response to Maritime Union of Australia submission (PDF 3354 KB) 
15Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (PDF 636 KB) 

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