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Appendix B – Witnesses and hearings

Tuesday 20 November 2012 – Sydney

National Farmers’ Federation

Ms Deb Kerr, Manager, Natural Resource Management

Irrigation roundtable

National Irrigators’ Council

Mr Tom Chesson, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Michael Murray, Director

Mr John Culleton, Director

NSW Irrigator’s Council

Mr Mark Moore, Policy Analyst

Ms Stefanie Schulte, Economic Policy Analyst

Murray Irrigation

Mr Noel Graham, Chairman

Ms Perin Davey, Water Policy Officer

Water for Rivers

Mr Richard Bull, Chairman

Mr Neville Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ross Davies, Business Manager

Environment roundtable:

Australian Conservation Foundation

Mr Jonathan La Nauze, Healthy Rivers Campaigner

Environment Victoria

Ms Juliet Lefeuvre, Healthy Rivers Campaigner

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Mr David Parker, Deputy Secretary, Water Group,

Ms Mary Harwood, First Assistant Secretary, Water Efficiency Division,

Australian Dairy Industry Council

Mr Daryl Hoey, Basin Taskforce Chair

Ms Claire Miller, Water Policy Analyst


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