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Subject Presentation details* No. of signatures Further action
Special Minister of State
Parliamentary voting regarding holding a Referendum on a republic (PDF 88KB) 23 May 2011
That a bill or motion on holding a Referendum be taken by a conscience vote (PDF 115KB) 23 May 2011
Preparation of a Bill for a Referendum on a Republic (PDF 20KB) 23 May 2011
Requesting a secondary review of actions through the merit protection process (PDF 85KB) 30 May 2011
Response from Special Minister of State, dated 10 August 2011, presented 12 September 2011 (PDF 273KB)
Objection to the removal of horses from the Malabar Headland (PDF 61KB) 4 July 2011

Response from Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, dated 1 August 2011, presented 22 August 2011 (PDF 71KB)

Response from Special Minister of State, dated 8 August 2011, presented 22 August 2011 (PDF 157KB)

Response from Special Minister of State (and Minister for Finance and Deregulation), presented 31 October 2011 (PDF 194KB)

Requesting Australia hold a referendum or move towards a republic (PDF 124KB) 22 August 2011
Requesting an audit of a Member's entitlement claims and expenditure provisions for Members of Parliament (PDF 57KB) 19 September 2011
Response from Special Minister of State, dated 13 February 2012 (PDF 392KB)
Requesting lowering the voting age to 16 (PDF 99KB) 28 May 2012 159 Response from Special Minister of State, dated 28 June 2012, presented 20 August 2012 (PDF 174KB)
Requesting the banning of the religion of Islam through a referendum or legislative change (PDF 44KB) 26 November 2012 1  
Requesting a bill for a referendum to change the Constitution regaring disqualification issues for members of Parliament (PDF 843 KB) 17 June 2013 27  
Regarding maintaing Australian Public service jobs located in Tuggeranong, Canberra and relocating the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to the Tuggeranong Central Business District (PDF 588KB) Ms G. Brodtmann, 20 June 2013 905  

*Presented in the House of Representatives by the Chair of the Petitions Committee, unless otherwise indicated

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