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The Committee is currently welcoming submissions related to this inquiry. The deadline for submissions has been set at 6 July 2012. Should you wish to make a late submission to the inquiry, please email the secretariat in the first instance.

Please note that submissions should include the name, postal address and phone number of the person or organisation making the submission. For more information please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

There are currently 133 submissions and 15 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Mr Owen Hoogvliet (PDF 122KB)
  2. Mr Zhiliang Huang (PDF 288KB)
  3. Mr Andrew Boisen (PDF 128KB)
  4. Mr Scott Nelson (PDF 123KB)
  5. Mr Daniel Prosser (PDF 482KB)
  6. Ms Molly Lai (PDF 287KB)
  7. Mr Isaac Hendry (PDF 113KB)
  8. Mr Dane Weber (PDF 184KB)
  9. Mr Michael Zeng (PDF 539KB)
  10. Mr Bane Williams (PDF 239KB)
  11. Mr Jeremy King (PDF 113KB)
  12. Mr Stephen Delvecchio (PDF 208KB)
  13. Applied PC Systems Pty Ltd (PDF 201KB)
  14. Mr Matthew Wyatt (PDF 153KB)
  15. Mr Kevin Danher (PDF 27KB)
  16. Nuclear Fruit Salad (PDF 1016KB)
  17. Mr David Smith (PDF 141KB)
  18. Mr Chris Wong (PDF 1127KB)
  19. Mr Duncan Wallace (PDF 5446KB)
  20. Mr Phil Festa (PDF 91KB)
  21. Ms Clytie Siddall (PDF 139KB)
  22. Mr Jason Austin (PDF 109KB)
  23. Mr Mark Sinclair (PDF 144KB)
  24. Mr David Mathews (PDF 107KB)
  25. Mr Barry Napthine (PDF 874KB)
  26. Mr Andrew Tozer (PDF 557KB)
  27. The Limousine Line (PDF 127KB)
  28. Mr Cameron Holland (PDF 156KB)
  29. Mr Brendan Sherrin (PDF 243KB)
  30. Mr Dmitry Brizhinev (PDF 294KB)
  31. Mr Stuart Kenyon (PDF 136KB)
  32. Mr Alex Talbot (PDF 188KB)
  33. Mr Daniel Myles (PDF 1,149KB)
  34. Cyberworld Publishing (PDF 60KB)
  35. CyberText Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 669KB)
  36. Ms Christine Hughes (PDF 196KB)
  37. Mr Derek Brooke (PDF 152KB)
  38. Mr Michael Clark (PDF 137KB)
  39. Mr Paul Bicknell (PDF 106KB)
  40. Mr James Rudd (PDF 740KB)
  41. Mr Luke Matheson (PDF 103KB)
  42. Mr Joshua Preston (PDF 102KB)
  43. Mr Charles Gutjahr (PDF 511KB)
  44. Mr John Dulley (PDF 292KB)
  45. Ms Elizabeth Litster (PDF 118KB)
  46. Mr Scott Sutherland (PDF 368KB)
  47. Ms Julie Jester (PDF 233KB)
  48. Mr Matthew Kermeen (PDF 106KB)
  49. Mr Jeff Burgess (PDF 183KB)
  50. Mr Tim Greig (PDF 285KB)
  51. Mr Samuel Lymn (PDF 163KB)
  52. Mr Stuart Skene (PDF 66KB)
  53. Mr Peter Larkins (PDF 208KB)
  54. Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (PDF 308KB)
  55. Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (PDF 288KB)
  56. 55.1 Responses to questions taken on notice at public hearing 13 March 2013 (PDF 188KB)

  57. Australian Industry Group (PDF 613KB)
  58. Mr Christopher Shain (PDF 79KB)
  59. Australian Entertainment Distributors Association (PDF 336KB)
  60. Mr Daniel Nicholson (PDF 1,004KB)
  61. Mr Scott Williamson (PDF 140KB)
  62. Mr Kye Ridley-Smith (PDF 65KB)
  63. Apple Pty Ltd (PDF 584KB)
  64. 62.1 Apple Pty Ltd (supplementary) (PDF 504KB)

    62.2 Apple Pty Ltd (supplementary) (PDF 767KB)

  65. Mr Greg Bell (PDF 93KB)



  68. Australian Publishers Association (PDF 63KB)
  69. Microsoft Pty Ltd (Microsoft Australia)(PDF 511KB)
  70. 67.1 Microsoft (supplementary) (PDF 97KB)

    67.2 Microsoft (further supplementary) (PDF 1,251KB)

    67.3 Microsoft responses to questions taken on notice at public hearing 22 March 2013 (PDF 1,041KB)

  71. J Mahuika (PDF 152KB)
  72. Ms Carol Bruce (PDF 156KB)
  73. Mr Paul Barker (PDF 906KB)
  74. Mr Magnus Stensson (PDF 104KB)
  75. Mr Garth Strong (PDF 95KB)
  76. Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 492KB)
  77. 73.1 Australian Information Industry Association (supplementary) (PDF 95KB)

  78. Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (PDF 825KB)
  79. Choice (PDF 1333KB)
  80. Dr Andrew Leigh MP (PDF 286KB)
  81. Mr David Poole (PDF 1657KB)
  82. Ms Faye Galbraith (PDF 205KB)
  83. Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 319KB)
  84. Mr Bret Salinger (PDF 210KB)
  85. Adobe Pty Ltd(PDF 116KB)

    81.1 Adobe (supplementary) (PDF 126KB)

    81.2 Adobe responses to questions taken on notice at public hearing of 22 March 2013 (PDF 349)

  86. Mr Ken Wilson (PDF 153KB)
  87. Mr Warren Kennedy (PDF 85KB)
  88. Mr Quintin Rares (PDF 156KB)
  89. The Treasury (PDF KB)
  90. 85.1 Treasury responses to questions taken on notice at public hearing 31 October 2012 (PDF 93KB)

  91. Mr Robert Webber (PDF 484KB)
  92. Dr Ian Tebbett, Monash University (PDF 333KB)
  93. Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (PDF 176KB)
  94. Mr Mike Smith (110KB)
  95. Mr Trevor Greenfield (974KB)
  96. Mateusz Michalik (120KB)
  97. Dr Matthew Rimmer (PDF 568KB)
  98. Australian Recording Industry Association (2,577KB)

    93.1 ARIA Opening statement to public hearing 5 October 2012 (supplementary) (PDF 420KB)

    93.2 ARIA Response to questions taken on notice at public hearing 5 October 2012 (supplementary) (PDF 117KB)

  99. Mr Kevin Cobley (PDF 331KB)
  100. Australian Digital Alliance and Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (PDF 276KB)

    95.1 ADA/ALCC (supplementary) (PDF 150KB)

  102. Mr Michael Cunningham (PDF 45KB)
  103. Dr Jamie French (PDF 44KB)
  104. Mr Leonard Cronin (PDF 53KB)
  105. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) (PDF 163KB)

    100.1 ACCC (supplementary) (PDF 1,349)

  106. Mr David Bannister (PDF 107KB)
  107. Mr Greg Keeley (PDF 67KB)
  108. Mr Douglas Linacre (PDF 48KB)
  109. Ron Rennex Drawing Services (PDF 49KB)
  110. Mr David Hepple (PDF 40KB)
  111. Mr Shane Priddle (PDF 47KB)
  112. Mr Andrew Whitwell (PDF 45KB)
  113. Macpherson Greenleaf Lawyers (PDF 68KB)
  114. Mr John Uri (PDF 45KB)
  115. Mr Pierre Rousseau (PDF 91KB)
  116. Connecting Up (PDF 162KB)
  117. Mr Corey Beagley (PDF 40KB)
  118. IP Australia - Response to questions taken on notice at public hearing 13 February 2013 (PDF 51KB)
  119. Mr Nic Watt (PDF 741KB)
  121. Mr Victor Doe (PDF 48KB)
  122. Mr Graeme Kitney (PDF 107KB)
  123. Mr George Tasker (PDF 43KB)
  124. Mr Alvaro Diaz (PDF 38KB)
  125. Mr Andrew Saywell (PDF 62KB)
  126. Dr Nicholas Suzor and Ms Paula Dootson (PDF 129KB)
  127. Mr Nicholas Fox (PDF 39KB)
  128. Mr Brendan Scott (PDF 40KB)
  129. Attorney-General's Department (PDF 2,799KB)
  130. 124.1 Attorney-General's Department (supplementary)

  131. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 12,946KB)
  132. Mr David Bray (PDF 50KB)
  133. A/Prof Kimberlee Weatherall (PDF 194KB)
  134. Mr Mark Edwards (PDF 337KB)
  135. Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 9,420KB)
  137. Care Financial Counselling Service and the Consumer Law Centre of the ACT (PDF 283KB)
  139. Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 107KB)
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