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| Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Inquiry into language learning in Indigenous communities

Submissions received by the Committee

Submissions may contain images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed away.

Sub No.

1 Brother John Giacon (PDF 563KB) 
2 Ms Margaret Opie  (PDF 1MB) 
3 Ms Janine Oldfield  (PDF 1.7MB) 
4 Dr Felicity Meakins (PDF 606KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 660KB) 
5 Ms Nancy Sheppard Dip Soc AM  (PDF 540KB) 
6 Mr Frank Baarda (PDF 775KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 1.1MB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 580KB) 
7 Koori Centre, University of Sydney (PDF 741KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.1MB) 
8Department of Human Services  (PDF 456KB) 
9Ms Leanne Syron (PDF 406KB) 
10Association of Independent Schools of South Australia  (PDF 193KB) 
11Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring, Language and Culture Centre  (PDF 445KB) 
12Youth Services, Hall Creek  (PDF 536KB) 
13 Catholic Education Diocese of Darwin (PDF 987KB) 
14 Mr David Allen  (PDF 709KB) 
15 South Australia Commission for Catholic Schools (PDF 104KB) 
16 concerned Australians (PDF 686KB) 
17Ms Jill Vaughan (PDF 64KB) 
18Teachers and Students of Cert III in Learning Endangered Aboriginal Language, Murray Bridge TAFE, South Australia  (PDF 358KB) 
19 Ms Kathryn Gale and Ms Beth Graham  (PDF 1584KB) 
20Dr William Fogarty and Dr Inge Kral  (PDF 221KB) 
21Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens' Associations  (PDF 42KB) 
22 Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 82KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 3.2MB) 
23Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (PDF 172KB) 
24 Centre for Indigenous Technology Information and Engineering Solutions (PDF 617KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 515KB) 
25 Eastern States Aboriginal Languages Group (PDF 807KB) 
26Prof Alan Rumsey (PDF 149KB) 
27Professor Francesca Merlan (PDF 71KB) 
28 Wadeye Indigenous teaching and other staff  (PDF 782KB) 
29Black Ink  (PDF 356KB) 
30 Yan-nhangu Dictionary Team (PDF 527KB) 
31Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 138KB) 
31a Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.5MB) 
32 Mrs Catherine Winfield Johnston (PDF 551KB) 
33 Ms Marianne McKinnon-Kidd (PDF 646KB) 
34 Ms Lauren Gawne (PDF 472KB) 
35 Monash Country Lines Archive (PDF 395KB) 
36 Yirrkala School Literature Production Centre and Yolngu Action group (PDF 527KB) 
37 Why Warriors Pty Ltd and the AHED Project (PDF 994KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 203KB) 
38 Kimberley Language Resource Centre  (PDF 543KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 8.8MB) Attachment 2 (PDF 193KB) 
39 Ms Lisbeth Arctander (PDF 590KB) 
40 Inhaadi Adnyamathanha Ngawarla Class  (PDF 4MB) 
41 Sisters of St Joseph SA Reconiliation Circle  (PDF 71.2MB) 
42Pipalyatjara Anangu School (PDF 147KB) 
43Karli Jozeps and Ursula Goetz (PDF 560KB) 
44Research Centre for Languages and Cultures, University of South Australia (PDF 182KB) 
45Ms Genevieve Campbell (PDF 446KB) 
46 Mr John Bradbury (PDF 1MB) 
47Australian Federation of Graduate Women (PDF 131KB) 
48Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership (PDF 156KB) 
49 Papulu Apparr-kari Language Centre (PDF 558KB) 
50 Dr Jane Thorn (PDF 716KB) 
51Margaret Carew and April Campbell (PDF 39KB) 
52Dr Mary Laughren (PDF 348KB) 
53 Yipirinya School (PDF 605KB) 
54 The Indigenous Teachers of Shepherdson College (PDF 792KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 1MB) 
55Dr Myfany Turpin (PDF 172KB) 
56 National Indigenous Radio Service (PDF 51KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 172KB) 
57 Ms Beth Graham, Ms Kathryn Gale and Prof Charles Grimes (PDF 933KB) 
58 Mr Mark Treloar (PDF 774KB) 
59 New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (PDF 1.9MB) 
60 Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (PDF 3.4MB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.9MB) 
61Ms Sophie Rudolph (PDF 102KB) 
62 Mr Trevor Stockley (PDF 394KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 150KB) 
63Ms Nyoka Hatfield (PDF 557KB) 
64 Prof Françoise Dussart (PDF 506KB) 
65 Coordinating Support for Indigenous Scriptures (PDF 3.3MB) 
66 David Thompson and Clair Hill (PDF 617KB) 
67 Mr Alex Kelly (PDF 580KB) 
68 Indigenous Remote Communications Association (PDF 298KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.2MB) 
69 Asssociate Professor Tonya Stebbins (PDF 552KB) 
70 Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology Sydney (PDF 645KB) 
71Ms Klara Hansen (PDF 105KB) 
72 Australian Council of TESOL Associations (PDF 1.2MB) 
73 Board of Studies NSW (PDF 227KB) 
74 Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc (PDF 1.1MB) Attachment 1 (PDF 439KB) 
75 National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia (PDF 587KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 61KB) 
76 Professor Gillian Cowlishaw (PDF 861KB) 
77 Dr Pauline Bunce (PDF 516KB) 
78 Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre (PDF 694KB) 
79Dr Caroline Jones  (PDF 88KB) 
80Ms Michelle Rowe  (PDF 145KB) 
81 Dr Brian Devlin (PDF 1.4MB) 
82 Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (PDF 778KB) 
83 Associate Professor Claire Bowern (PDF 544KB) 
84Mr Richard Trudgen (PDF 233KB) 
85 Sunrise Alliance Inc (PDF 365KB)
86 Diocese of Lismore, Catholic Education Office (PDF 2.1MB) Attachment 1 (PDF 155KB) 
87Prof Michael Christie (PDF 202KB) 
88Australian Education Union (PDF 330KB) 
89Alison Ngamperle Ross and Carol Ngalyerre Thompson (PDF 40KB) 
90Mobile Language Team, University of Adelaide (PDF 133KB) 
91 Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre (PDF 153KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 130KB) 
92 Kaurna Warra Pintyandi Group and Dr Rob Amery (PDF 560KB) 
93 Ms Margaret Dinham (PDF 70KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 142KB) 
94 Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (PDF 609KB)
95 Ms Natalie O'Connor (PDF 603KB) 
96Ms Ruth Lipscombe (PDF 507KB) 
97 Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages and Culture (Corporation) (PDF 6.1MB) 
98 Aboriginal Affairs NSW and Department of Education and Communities NSW (PDF 752KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 61KB), Attachment 2 (PDF 106KB), Attachment 3 (PDF 225KB), Attachment 4 (PDF 1396KB), Attachment 5 (PDF 1068KB), Attachment 6 (PDF 1083KB)
98a Supplementary Submission (PDF 346KB) 
99 Dr Stephen Morey (PDF 584KB) 
100 Ms Claire Salter (PDF 772KB) 
101Central Land Council (PDF 217KB) 
102Voice for Justice (PDF 231KB) 
103Ms Jane Simpson (PDF 101KB) 
104Australian Linguistic Society (PDF 222KB) 
105Molly Townes O'Brien, Peter Bailey and Jo-Anne Weinman (PDF 209KB) 
106Dr Nicholas Thieberger (PDF 68KB) 
107Speech Pathology Australia (PDF 72KB) 
108Maratja Dhamarrandji and Kendall Trudgen (PDF 252KB) 
109 Queensland Government - Department of Education and Training (PDF 3.1MB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 354KB) 
110Languages Perspectives Group, Northern Indigenous School Support Unit, Queensland Department of Education (PDF 393KB) 
111 Ms Rosemary McKenry (PDF 792KB) 
112 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (PDF 391KB) 
113Dr Jennifer Green (PDF 197KB) 
114NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (PDF 565KB) 
115Reconciliation Australia (PDF 709KB) 
116 Anangu Coordinators (PDF 628KB) 
117WA Department of Education Kimberley (PDF 538KB) 
118 Ms Brea Speechley (PDF 855KB) 
119Dr Charmian Kenner (PDF 638KB) 
120 Ms Aileen Hawkes (PDF 200KB)
121 Warlpiri-patu-kurlangu Jaru Inc (PDF 833KB) 
122Dr Judith Gould (PDF 142KB) 
123Annette Millar and Joyce Hudson (PDF 139KB) 
124 Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council (PDF 1.7MB) 
125 Mr Greg Dickson (PDF 392KB) 
126Dr Samantha Disbray (PDF 639KB) 
127 Office for the Arts (PDF 613KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 626KB) 
128Ms Denise Shillinglaw (PDF 638KB) 
129 The Aboriginal Languages of Western Australia Course Advisory Committee (PDF 970KB) 
130Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (PDF 224KB) 
131Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 132KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.9MB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.9MB) 
132 Dr Jack Frawley (PDF 61KB)
133 Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School Inc (PDF 298KB) 
134Gidarjil Development Corporation (PDF 685KB) 
135 North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (PDF 4.1MB) 
136 Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 549KB) 
137Mr Ron Coster (PDF 78KB) 
138 Northern Territory Government (PDF 1.2MB) Attachment 1 (PDF 2.7MB) Attachment 2 (PDF 70KB) Attachment 3 (PDF 277KB) 
139National Congress of Australia's First People (PDF 834KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 853KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 1.3MB) 
140National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (PDF 299KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 150KB) 
141 Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 1.3MB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 575KB) 
142 Dr John C Rudder (PDF 819KB) 
143 Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (PDF 1MB) 
144 Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (PDF 1.7MB) 
145 National Sorry Day Committee (PDF 1.3MB) 
146 Torres Strait Regional Authority (PDF 1.7MB) 
147 Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd (PDF 828KB) 
148 National Rural Health Alliance (PDF 596KB) 
149 Prof Ghil'ad Zuckermann (PDF 484KB) 
150 Madjulla Inc.  (PDF 1.4MB) 
151 Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (PDF 960KB) 
152 Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (PDF 861KB) 
153 Ms Denise Angelo (PDF 487KB) 
154 Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies  (PDF 2.2MB) 

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
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We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and acknowledge their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to the people, the cultures and the elders past, present and emerging.

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