Lists by calendar year

Parliamentary Papers series

Many documents are presented to Parliament each year: some are required to be presented by law, others may just be presented for the general information of Members. Documents presented include the annual reports of all government agencies, reports of royal commissions and other government inquiries, parliamentary committee reports, and a wide variety of other material.

Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Senate on 8 February 2018 and the House of Representatives on 28 March 2018, certain documents presented to Parliament each year are automatically made Parliamentary Papers and are included in the Parliamentary Paper series (PPS). These are:

  • substantive reports of parliamentary committees;
  • annual reports of Commonwealth entities;
  • reports of a royal commission;
  • reports of the Productivity Commission;
  • reports of the Auditor-General;
  • reports of the Australian Human Rights Commission;
  • reports of the Australian Electoral Commission on the redistribution of electoral boundaries;
  • Australian Government white papers;
  • reports in a series that has previously been included in the Parliamentary Paper Series on the recommendation of a Publications Committee; and
  • budget papers and ministerial statements presented following the presentation of the appropriation bills.

 An alphabetical index of the Parliamentary Paper Series is produced and is available below.

Advice for Government agencies – information about the production and printing of a document for presentation in the House of Representatives or the Senate.