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Documents presented out of sitting after the Senate adjourned on 18 March 2021

Under standing orders 38 and 166, committees, ministers and the Auditor—General may present reports and documents to the President, the Deputy President or a temporary chair of committees when the Senate is not sitting. Reports and documents so presented are authorised for publication. Reports and documents listed here were presented since the Senate last met.

They will be tabled formally when the Senate next meets and recorded in the Journals of the Senate.

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Documents presented out of sitting

Committee reports

  1. Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade—Joint Standing Committee—Inquiry into Australia’s defence relationships with Pacific Island nations—Report, dated March 2021. [Received 1 April 2021]
  2. Human Rights—Joint Statutory Committee—Human rights scrutiny report 4 of 2021, dated 31 March 2021. [Received 1 April 2021]
  3. Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation—Standing Committee—Delegated legislation monitor 6 of 2021, dated 14 April 2021. [Received 14 April 2021]
  4. Environment and Communications Legislation Committee—Additional estimates 2020-21—Progress report, dated 16 April 2021. [Received 16 April 2021]
  5. Environment and Communications Legislation Committee—Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Climate Trigger) Bill 2020—Progress report, dated 16 April 2021. [Received 16 April 2021]
  6. Environment and Communications References Committee—Australia Post—Progress report, dated 16 April 2021. [Received 16 April 2021]

Government responses to Parliamentary Committee reports

Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee—Report—Adequacy of existing offences in the Commonwealth Criminal Code and of state and territory criminal laws to capture cyberbullying—Government response, dated April 2021. [Received 15 April 2021]

Government documents

  1. Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020—Report for the period 10 December to 31 December 2020. [Received 29 March 2021]
  2. Northern Land Council—Report for 2019-20. [Received 1 April 2021]

Reports of the Auditor-General

  1. Audit report no. 32 of 2020-21—Performance audit—Cyber security strategies of non-corporate Commonwealth entities: Across entities. [Received 19 March 2021]
  2. Audit report no. 33 of 2020-21—Performance audit—Administration of parliamentary expenses by the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority: Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority. [Received 29 March 2021]
  3. Audit report no. 34 of 2020–21—Performance audit—Implementation of ANAO and parliamentary committee recommendations – Department of Defence: Department of Defence. [Received 12 April 2021]

Returns to order

Report on outstanding orders for documents, dated 29 March 2021. [Received 1 April 2021]

COVID-19—Vaccination certificates—Order of 18 March 2021 (1077)—Letter to the President of the Senate from the Minister for Government Services (Senator Reynolds), responding to the order. [Received 8 April 2021]

Department of Home Affairs—Protection visas—Statement pursuant to the order of the Senate of 14 November 2019—March 2021. [Received 12 April 2021]

Indexed lists of departmental and agency files

Treasury portfolio. [Received 23 March 2021]

Lists of departmental and agency appointments and vacancies

Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications portfolio—Replacement. [Received 23 March 2021]

Lists of departmental and agency grants

Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio—Correction. [Received 23 March 2021]