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Passage History

Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 1997-98

Date Introduced: 29 October 1997
House: House of Representatives
Portfolio: Finance
Commencement: Royal Assent


To authorise the Minister for Finance to issue an additional $509 973 000 from the Consolidated Revenue Fund in addition to the funds allocated under the Appropriation Act (No. 2) 1996-97 for proposed expenditure on capital works and services, payments to the States and Territories and other services.


The reader is referred to the Digest for the Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 1997-98.

Outline of Major Additional Appropriations

The major additional appropriations effected by this Bill are:

  • Department of Primary Industries and Energy - $128 085 000. Of that total $58 159 000 is for rural adjustment under the States Grants (Rural Adjustment) Act 1988 and the Rural Adjustment Act 1992, $22 010 000 is for payment to the Tasmanian State Government under the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement and $16 638 000 for the Farm Family Restart Scheme (FFRS). The rationale given by the Minister in the Second Reading Speech to the Bill for the amount relating to rural adjustment is that it is '... largely as a result exceptional circumstances increases (for South Burnette, Gippsland, and extension of drought relief in parts of Queensland and NSW) and a transfer from the Integrated Rural Policy Package for the repayment of interest rate subsidies commitments under Rural Adjustment Scheme'.
  • The FFRS was announced on 14 September 1997 as part of the Government's rural policy package entitled Agriculture - Advancing Australia. Key features of the FFRS are detailed in the Digest for the Farm Household Support Amendment (Restart and Exceptional Circumstances) Bill 19997 (Bills Digest No. 59 1997-98).
  • Department of the Treasury - $96 650 000. Of that total $96 100 000 is for payments to State Government in lieu of stamp duty on Airport Sales. The rationale given by the Minister in the Second Reading Speech to the Bill for the payment is the effect of a recent High Court decision The reference to a recent High Court decision is a reference to Allders International Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue [1996]186 CLR 630. In that case the High Court held invalid the imposition of State stamp duty on a lease covering parts of a Commonwealth place on the grounds that section 52(i) of the Constitution gives the Commonwealth exclusive power to make laws with respect to Commonwealth places.
  • Department of Social Security - $58 135 000. Of that total $29 475 000 is for acquisition of computer equipment and $28 660 000 for compensation to the States and Territories for extension of fringe benefits to pensioners and older long-term allowees and beneficiaries.

Main Provisions

The effect of clause 3 is to authorise the Minister for Finance to issue from the Consolidated Revenue Fund an additional $509 973 00 for the year ending 30 June 1998 (Schedule 2 gives a portfolio and program breakup of the proposed expenditure).

Clause 4 deals with payments to the States. Schedule 2 deals with payments to the Sates and Territories by each Department. Payments to States details in Schedule 1 must be made on the terms and conditions determined by the specified Minister.

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