Environment and Heritage portfolio

Supplementary Budget estimates 2000-2001 — (November 2000)

Environment and Heritage portfolio

Index to answers to answers to questions on notice Vol. 5 (PDF format) (Word format)

Outcome 1 Environment Australia
Office of the Supervising Scientist (PDF format) (Word format)
Australia and World Heritage Division (PDF format) (Word format)
Attachment to AWHD answer q.12 (PDF format) (Word format)
Biodiversity Group (PDF format) (Word format)
Environment Protection Group (PDF format) (Word format)
Natural Heritage Division (PDF format) (Word format)
Attachment to NHD answer q. 40 (PDF format) (Word format)
Portfolio Strategies Group (PDF format) (Word format)

Outcome 2 Bureau of Meteorology (PDF format) (Word format)

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (PDF format) (Word format)
Australian Greenhouse Office (PDF format) (Word format)

Letter from the EPG correcting evidence given at Budget Estimates (PDF format)
Letter from GBRMPA correcting evidence given at Supplementary Budget Estimates (PDF format)

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