Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2008-2009 - (October 2008)

Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy portfolio

Tabled documents

Ms Scott, Secretary, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) Television Black Spots Program - Alternative Technical Solutions (ATS) funding for 10 solutions (PDF 252KB)
Ms Scott, Secretary, DBCDE

Communications Fund, Transactions Report  (PDF 609KB)

Ms Scott, Secretary, DBCDE Communication activities  (PDF 246KB)
Ms Scott, Secretary, DBCDE Cyber-safety - overview  (PDF 391KB)
Ms Scott, Secretary DBCDE
Digital TV Antenna Systems 2008 Handbook  (PDF 4326KB)
Ms Scott, Secretary, DBCDE
Merit and transparency in appointments to the ABC and SBS Boards, October 2008  (PDF 3752KB)

Correction/clarification of evidence

Mr Ash, Chief Financial Officer, DBCDE,
correcting evidence given on Monday, 20 October 2008

(PDF 35KB)

Mr Townend, Deputy Secretary, Digital Switchover Taskforce, DBCDE
clarifying evidence given on Monday, 20 October 2008

(PDF 341KB)

Index of questions on notice

Monday, 20 October 2008

(PDF 199KB)

(Word 250KB)

Answers to questions on notice



Broadband (PDF 76KB)
Broadcasting and Content (PDF 195KB)
Content and Business (PDF 99KB)
Digital Switchover Taskforce (PDF 10KB)
Finance and Budgets (PDF 28KB)
Legal (PDF 12KB)
National Broadband Network (PDF 52KB)
Regional Strategy, Digital Economy and Research (PDF 31KB)
Telecommunications, Network Regulation and Australia Post (PDF 31KB)


Australian Broadcasting Corporation




(PDF 240KB)
Attachment to qon113 (PDF 153KB)

Amended attachment to qon113  with covering letter  (PDF 500KB)

Australian Communications and Media Authority (PDF 102KB)
Special Broadcasting Service (PDF 160KB)

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