Conditions of Access

Conditions of use – audio visual material

5.9 The live official vision and sound "composite feed" of proceedings is broadcast directly to offices in Parliament House, including Press Gallery offices, to various other agencies, institutions and media outlets. “Isolated feeds” of the dispatch boxes in the House of Representatives chamber can be provided to the media, on request.

5.10 Proceedings of the chambers are broadcast live, and archived, on the Parliament’s website (

5.11 Broadcasting and recordings may only be made from official (composite or isolated) vision and sound feed.

5.12 Access to the official “composite feed” and “isolated feeds” is subject to compliance with the resolutions of the House of Representatives and the Senate, including the following conditions:

 (a) broadcasting material shall be used only for the purposes of fair and accurate reports of proceedings, and shall not be used for:

(i) political party advertising or election campaigns; or

(ii) commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising;

 (b) reports of proceedings shall be such as to provide a balanced presentation of differing views;

 (c) broadcast material may not be digitally manipulated;

 (d) excerpts of proceedings which are subsequently withdrawn may be rebroadcast only if the withdrawal also is rebroadcast;

 (e) the instructions of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or the Speaker’s delegate, in respect of broadcasting in the House, and of the President of the Senate or the President’s delegate in respect of the Senate, shall be observed; and

 (f) audio or visual footage of parliamentary proceedings taken in contravention of paragraph 5.1 must not be used.


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