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Report: Waste and recycling industry in Australia - Parliament of Australia

The fate of waste in Australia. 2.27 The National Waste Report 2016 provides disposal28; and through energy recovery and recycling. data on the fate of waste: 2.28 Overall, 37.3 megatonnes (58 per cent) of waste generated in Australia in 2014–15 were recycled or recovered for embodied energy.

Report: Waste and recycling industry in Australia - Parliament of Australia

New South Wales 4 • A waste levy of $138.20 per tonne in metropolitan areas and applies $79.60 per tonne in regional areas. 1 As discussed below, there is a proposal to introduce a waste levy in Queensland. 2 Except where otherwise indicated, this overview is based on the detailed table of state and

Waste management and recycling – Parliament of Australia

an 80 per cent average recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030. significantly increasing the use of recycled content by governments and industry. making comprehensive, economy-wide and timely data publicly available to support better consumer, investment and policy decisions.

ParlInfo - Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020

2019-2020. The Parliament of the. Commonwealth of Australia. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. As passed by both Houses. Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020. No. , 2020. A Bill for an Act to reduce the environmental and other impacts of products and waste material, and for related purposes. Contents. Chapter 1—Introduction 1.

Report: Waste and recycling industry in Australia - Parliament of Australia

With the above investment, this has increased significantly to 81.5% in 2015-16 and total resource recovery tonnages have nearly doubled. Waste to landfill has reduced by 29% this period.87. 6.82 The Shire of Exmouth highlighted the need for infrastructure to enable recycling in regional areas.

ParlInfo - Same old Labor: spending, waste and mismanagement.

have occurred under the Rudd Labor Government in the 12 months to 30 September 2009. Among the top examples of waste were: GROCERYchoice website - $10 million wasted. Schools stimulus debacle - $1.7 billion blow-out. Cash splash waste - $40 million to dead people and Aussie expats.

Building Australia’s circular waste economy

Building Australia’s circular waste economy. In this section. Budget Review 2022–23 Index. Juli Tomaras. The Budget forecasts expenditure of $83.1 million over 5 years from 2022–23 to support Australia’s transition to a more circular waste economy (as detailed below).

ParlInfo - Experience with residential water recycling at Rouse Hill.

Rouse Hill Recycled Water scheme currently services 12,000 properties in the Parklea, Kellyville and Rouse Hill localities of north-western Sydney with a residential dual reticulation water supply. A treatment plant with ozonation and microfiltration processes has been built to provide water meeting the appropriate guidelines.

Report: Waste and recycling industry in Australia - Parliament of Australia

Landfill. 3.1 As noted in Chapter 2, approximately 22 megatonnes of waste (excluding fly ash) were deposited in landfill in 2014–15. Across the three waste streams, about 49 per cent of municipal solid waste went to landfill; 36 per cent of commercial and industrial waste (excluding fly ash); and the same amount of construction and demolition ...

ParlInfo - ADJOURNMENT - Forestry: Tasmania (Print Version)

(b) silviculture operations, thinning overwood removal to enhance sawlog production; (c) sawmill residues; (d) regeneration of understocked stand for future sawlog production; (e) salvage, e.g. fire, pest, disease and construction activities; and (f) plantation establishment for (1) sawlog trials and (2) pulpwood.

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