Events Calendar Help

The events calendar provides an overview of all the events and happenings going on in Parliament House. 


Currently it includes events for:

  • Parliament sittings
  • Senate estimates
  • Committee events
  • Public holidays
  • General events (such as international visits, lectures and other celebrations)

Event coverage in the calendar is quite  limited prior to 2012, and beyond the current year. Events are added and updated regularly throughout the year.

Saving events

Events can be downloaded and added to your electronic calendar in VCS format so you can keep track of them outside the APH website.

Date ranges

The events calendar can be used to view events in a number of different date ranges.

  • Daily: View all events and chamber documents for a single day
  • Weekly: View all events across a week
  • Monthly: View all events in a month
  • Yearly: View all events spanning an entire year

View type

Events displayed within the calendar can be viewed in either a list format, or represented in a calendar format depending on your preference.

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