Research Papers 2019–20

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Title Date
COVID-19 publications and resources 
The 2019 federal election 306KB 75KB 29.06.2020
Recent US-Iran tensions: a chronology 306KB 75KB
COVID-19 and aged care: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 16.06.2020
COVID-19 in the region: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
The base salary for senators and members: 2020 update 306KB 75KB
The 70th anniversary of the Malayan Emergency: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
Australian and international case reporting and select resources on COVID-19: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
COVID-19 Australian Government roles and responsibilities: an overview 306KB 75KB
Temporary visa holders and social security: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 15.05.2020
Liquid fuel security: a quick guide–May 2020 update 306KB 75KB 08.05.2020
COVID-19: Impacts on casual workers in Australia—a statistical snapshot 306KB 75KB
State Statistical Bulletin 2019 306KB 75KB
Report of entity tax information: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 05.05.2020
Australian COVID-19 response management arrangements: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
Australian pandemic response planning: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
National emergency and disaster response arrangements in Australia: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 28.04.2020
Anzac Day 2020: The 70th anniversary of the Korean War: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
Anzac Day 2020: 30th anniversary of the Gulf War: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
Anzac Day 2020: Gallipoli—frequently asked questions and general information: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 14.04.2020
Postal Area to Commonwealth Electoral Divisions: a quick guide PDF icon ePub
Undisclosed funding sources in Australian federal politics: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
JobSeeker Payment: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 13.03.2020
Crossing the floor in the federal parliament 1950–April 2019 306KB 75KB
2019–20 Australian bushfires—frequently asked questions: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 12.03.2020 
Managing SEA 1000: Australia's Attack class submarines 306KB 75KB 26.02.2020
Life expectancy in Australia’s Commonwealth Electoral Divisions, 2016–2018 306KB 75KB
New Zealanders in Australia: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 13.02.2020
Income support for households affected by natural disasters: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 24.01.2020
'So when is the next election?': Australian elections timetable as at January 2020 306KB 75KB 13.01.2020 
Income support for households affected by natural disasters: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 09.01.2020
Small business sector contribution to the Australian economy 306KB 75KB
State Statistical Bulletin 2018-19 306KB 75KB 07.11.2019
Funding the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 306KB 75KB
Legal framework for Defence administrative inquiries into a 'matter concerning the Defence Force': a quick guide 306KB 75KB
The 2018 Victorian state election: a quick guide 306KB 75KB 19.09.2019
The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety: a quick guide 306KB 75KB
Cyber, digital and emerging technologies: a quick guide to select Library publications 306KB 75KB 17.09.2019
School education: a quick guide to key internet links 306KB 75KB 06.09.2019
Live export—a chronology 505KB 249KB 06.09.2019
Tertiary education: a quick guide to key internet links 306KB 75KB 05.09.2019
Australia's implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention 306KB 75KB
Australia's Parliament House in 2018: a Chronology of Events 306KB 75KB 23.08.2019
Findings of the 14th Annual Statistical Report of the HILDA Survey 306KB 75KB
Electoral redistributions expected during the 46th Parliament 306KB 75KB 29.07.2019
Parliamentary Library Briefing Book 306KB 18.07.2019
Emergency management and disaster resilience: a quick guide 306KB 75KB