Research Papers 2009–10

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Title Number Date
Electoral division rankings: 2006 Census (2009 electoral boundaries) [HTML] [PDF 774KB] 18 28.05.2010
Budget Review 2010–11 [PDF 1.09MB] 17 26.05.2010
The Commonwealth Budget: process and presentation (updated April 2010) [HTML] [PDF 533KB] 16 27.04.2010
State statistical bulletin, 2008–09 [HTML] [PDF 221KB] 15 08.04.2010
Sport on television: to siphon or not to siphon? [HTML] [PDF 545KB] 14 11.02.2010
Australia’s proposal for an ‘Asia Pacific Community’: issues and prospects [HTML] [PDF 235KB] 13 01.12.2009
Should we expand the use of pay-for-performance in health care? [HTML] [PDF 197KB] 12 23.11.2009
Alcohol taxation reform: considerations and options [HTML] [PDF 141KB] 11 20.11.2009
Daylight saving time: summer 2009–10 and autumn 2010 [HTML] [PDF 165KB] 10 19.11.2009
Children in the parliamentary chambers [HTML] [PDF 359KB] 9 19.11.2009
Social inclusion and social citizenship—towards a truly inclusive society [HTML] [PDF 507KB] 8 23.10.2009
Complementary protection for asylum seekers—overview of the international and Australian legal frameworks [HTML] [PDF 520KB] 7 30.09.2009
Australia's uranium [HTML] [PDF 135KB] 6 11.09.2009
Commonwealth Election 2007—reissue [HTML] [PDF 685KB] 5 10.09.2009
Superannuation 2009–2010 [HTML] [PDF 265KB] 4 04.09.2009
The Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 framework and employment issues [HTML] [PDF 1067KB] 3 04.08.2009
Beyond the nuclear issue: North Korea and non-traditional security challenges [HTML] [PDF 182KB] 2 20.07.2009

Courted by Europe? Advancing Australia’s relations with the European Union in the new security environment [HTML] [PDF 561KB]

1 14.07.2009