Research Papers 1996–97

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Title Number Date
Tax-avoidance after Spotless [HTML [PDF 1047KB] 21 30.06.1997
Indigenous Peoples and Intellectual Property Rights [HTML [PDF 1823KB] 20 30.06.1997
Productivity Growth and Economic Policy in Australia [HTML [PDF 1095KB] 19 30.06.1997
Australia's R&D - Australia's Future?: The Case for a National Approach [HTML] [PDF 1206KB] 18 30.06.1997
An Australian Population Policy [HTML] [PDF 1443KB] 17 30.06.1997
The Wallis Inquiry into the Australian Financial System [HTML] [PDF 1566KB] 16 24.06.1997
Tariffs: How Low Should We Go? Modelling the Impact of Tariff Changes [HTML] [PDF 1237KB] 15 30.05.1997
Crisis Management: China, Taiwan and the United States - the 1995-96 Crisis and its Aftermath [HTML] [PDF 1617KB] 14 24.03.1997
Truth in Political Advertising Legislation in Australia [HTML] [PDF 716KB] 13 24.03.1997
The Need for a New Preamble to the Australian Constitution and/or a Bill of Rights [HTML] [PDF 2153KB] 12 18.03.1997
Trial by Jury [HTML] [PDF 980KB] 11 28.02.1997
The State of Play in the Constitutionally Implied Freedom of Political Discussion and Bans on Electoral Canvassing in Australia [HTML] [PDF 914KB] 10 11.02.1997
Examples of Public Sector Inquiries: Commonwealth Paedophile Inquiry [HTML] [PDF 1112KB] 9 11.02.1997
The Parliamentary Responsiveness of Australian Federal MPs to their Ethnic Constituents [HTML] [PDF 1461KB] 8 04.02.1997
'Any change in the law must be for Parliament' - Breen v Williams and patient access to medical records [HTML] [PDF 1304KB] 7 03.02.1997
A Road to More Employment? Analysing an Employment Allowance for Australia [HTML] [PDF 1629KB] 6 19.11.1996
Asia's New Emerging Giant? Political Change and Economic Reform in India [HTML] [PDF 1280KB] 5 19.11.1996
Euthanasia - the Australian Law in an International Context Part 2: Active Voluntary Euthanasia [HTML] [PDF 2584KB] 4 09.09.1996
Euthanasia - the Australian Law in an International Context Part 1: Passive Voluntary Euthanasia [HTML] [PDF 1694KB] 3 09.09.1996
Managing Parks / Managing 'Country': Joint Management of Aboriginal Owned Protected Areas in Australia [HTML] [PDF 2194KB] 2 16.09.1996
China as a Military Power: Peril or Paper Tiger? [HTML] [PDF 1655KB] 1 15.08.1996