Research Papers 1995–96

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Title Number Date
Public Sector Net Worth: Is it Worth Measuring? [HTML] [PDF 8028KB] 36 26.06.96
Can the Internet be Regulated? [HTML] [PDF 2351KB] 35 25.06.96
Cambodia's Troubled Path to Recover [HTML] [PDF 4484KB] 34 25.06.96
One Step Forward: Two Steps Back? Women and Affirmative Action: A case study of the Victorian Teaching Service [HTML] [PDF 1481KB] 33 28.05.96
Inward Direct Foreign Investment in Australia: Policy Controls and Economic Outcomes [HTML] [PDF 3812KB] 32 21.05.96
The Traditions of Australian Republicanism [HTML] [PDF 1324KB] 31 21.05.96
Acceptable Transport Safety [HTML] [PDF 1435KB] 30 28.05.96
The Papaya Fruit Fly - A Failure of Quarantine [HTML] [PDF 1902KB] 29 20.05.96
The Executive Power of the commonwealth: its scope and limits [HTML] [PDF 7012KB] 28 20.05.96
Domestic Violence: In Search of Well-Informed Policy [HTML] [PDF 3791KB] 27 20.05.96
Redistributing Work: Methods and Possibilities [HTML] [PDF 5316KB] 26 08.05.96
The Australian-Indonesian Security Agreement: Issues and Implications [HTML] [PDF 2421KB] 25 08.05.96
Girls, Schools . . . . . and Boys - Promoting Gender Equity Through Schools: Twenty Years of Gender Equity Policy Development [HTML] [PDF 2166KB] 24 07.05.96
The Super League Case [HTML] [PDF 1232KB] 23 30.04.96
Testosterone Poisoning or Terminal Neglect? The Men's Health Issue [HTML] [PDF 1477KB] 22 30.04.96
Judicial Review of Political Parties [HTML] [PDF 1525KB] 21 20.04.96
Towards sustainable cities: urban transport and land use planning [PDF 7914KB]
20 30.11.95
Reform of China's foreign trade policy  [PDF 3677KB] 19 30.11.95
The United States and East Asia [PDF 6520KB] 18 21.12.95
Implications of skills development in APEC for Australia's migration and training policies [PDF 6518KB] 17 23.11.95
Multicultural citizenship [PDF 6239KB] 16 23.11.95
The UN's role in the former Yugoslavia: the failure of the middle way [PDF 2598KB] 15 22.11.95
The collapse of Yugoslavia: background and summary [PDF 5927KB] 14 22.11.95
Farm sector linkages to regional economies [PDF 3046KB] 13 27.10.95
Australia's foreign debt [PDF 3322KB] 12 30.10.95
Australian information technology and telecommunications in Asia [PDF 2200KB] 11 24.10.95
The World Trade Organization [PDF 4245KB] 10 23.10.95
Policy issues in farm adjustment [PDF 3696KB] 9 16.10.95
"A pebble in Indonesia's shoe": recent developments in East Timor [PDF 8628KB] 8 26.09.95
Doctors, patients and the courts - are we on a dangerous slippery-slope? [PDF 3389KB] 7 21.09.95
Dry paddocks, damp policies: drought assistance strategies and their effectiveness HTML [PDF 310KB] 6 11.09.95
No easy answers: Australia and the Pacific Islands region [PDF 7838KB] 5 31.08.95
Papua New Guinea: twenty years on [PDF 2735KB] 4 30.08.95
Report of the Public Service Act Review group: summary and contents [PDF 3224KB] 3 30.08.95
Who cares for the carers? The next major focus in social policy. [PDF 2557KB] 2 29.08.95
Revegetation for ecologically sustainable dryland farming. [PDF 4794KB] 1 23.08.95