Budget Review 2015–16

Research Paper Series 2014–15

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Research Branch
May 2015



The Budget as a whole
Reactions from interest groups
Parliamentary scrutiny of payments to the states and territories
Assessing forecasting risks and uncertainty
Can a budget create an ‘election war chest’?
Previous measures: those revised in the 2015–16 Budget and those not yet proceeded with

Budget briefs

Drought measures

Arts and media
Arts and film

Environment and water

Commonwealth–State relations
Outlook for the GST distribution
Funding the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Defence budget overview
Defence capability
Defence personnel
The Centenary of Anzac

Sustainability of HECS-HELP
Other higher education and skills measures
School education

Foreign affairs
Foreign affairs overview
The Indo-Pacific focus of ‘Expanding Australia’s Diplomatic Footprint’
The ever shrinking aid budget

Foreign investment
Strengthening Australia’s foreign investment framework
Promoting trade agreements

Dental health
E health
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Other health measures
Health workforce
‘No Jab No Pay’ and other immunisation measures

Immigration and border control
Migration and humanitarian programs
Responding to unauthorised arrivals
Border protection and counter-people smuggling measures

Indigenous affairs
Indigenous affairs

Industry policy
Assistance to industry

Infrastructure expenditure
Scoping study: sale of Australia Rail Track Corporation

Law and national security
Federal courts and tribunals funding
Legal aid and legal assistance services
Abolition of the Administrative Review Council
Countering terrorism and violent extremism
Telecommunications data retention

Public sector
Australian Public Service staffing and efficiencies
Smaller government agenda
Extra funding for the Australian Bureau of Statistics 

Regional issues
Developing northern Australia

Science and research funding

Social services and welfare
Aged care
Domestic violence
Early childhood education and child care
Family payments
Changes to welfare system compliance and ICT systems
Parental Leave Pay
Waiting period for young people to access income support
Investment approach to welfare
Income management
Workforce participation measures

Small business tax changes
Applying GST to digital products and services imported by consumers
Changed eligibility for the Zone Tax Offset
Changed calculation of work related car expenses
Tightening fringe benefits tax on not-for-profit organisations
Changed rules for working holiday makers
Tightening anti-avoidance provisions for multinational companies
GST compliance



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