Seminars and Lectures 2020-21

Vital Issues Seminars and Parliamentary Library Lectures by year

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators, Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics.

Seminars held during 2020–21

Title/Speaker MP3/MP4
Regional perspectives on the South China Sea—Vietnam
Wednesday 16 June 2021
Presented by Dr Huong Le Thu
MP4 2.1GB 
Regional perspectives on the South China Sea—Japan
Wednesday 9 June 2021
Presented by Dr David Envall
MP4 2.1GB
Pre Budget Lecture
Wednesday 5 May 2021
Presented by Dennis Trewin and Barbara Howlett
MP4 1.5GB
Chinese Anzacs
Wednesday 28 April 2021
Presented by Adil Soh-Lim, Edmond Chiu and Mark Wang
MP4 1.7GB
Russian Anzacs
Wednesday 21 April 2021
Presented by Elena Govor
Notes and slides: [PDF 2.07MB]
MP4 2.1GB
The Antarctic—strategic competition and the future of the international legal regime 
Wednesday 14 April 2021
Presented by Professor Rosemary Rayfuse and Professor Steven Chown
MP4 1.7GB
Regional perspectives on the South China Sea—India
Wednesday 7 April 2021
Presented by Dr David Brewster
Slides: [PDF 144KB]
MP4 208MB
'Becoming John Curtin and James Scullin': their early political careers
Wednesday 17 March 2021
Presented by Dr Liam Byrne
Notes and slides: [PDF 1.5MB]
MP4 160MB
‘Calling in the military’—legal issues and controls when the armed forces assist the government and the community
Wednesday 10 March 2021
Presented by Dr Cameron Moore
MP4 1.5GB
'Now is the psychological moment'–Earle Page and the imagining of Australia
Wednesday 24 February 2021
Presented by Dr Stephen Wilks
Notes: [PDF 384KB]
MP4 230MB
Sir Edmund Barton Exhibition Lecture
Wednesday 2 December 2020
Presented by Dr David Headon
MP4 260MB
Digital Tax
Wednesday 9th September 2020
Presented by Professor Bob Breunig
MP4 140MB
Cook and the Indigenous experience
Tuesday 25th February 2020
Presented by John Maynard

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