Seminars and Lectures 2011-12

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators, Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics.

Seminars held during 2011–12 


Title/Speaker/Chair File/Duration
Prices these days! The cost of living in Australia
Presenter: Ben Phillips, Principal Research Fellow, NATSEM
Chair: Judy Hutchinson
20 June 2012
Powerpoint presentation
 MP3 53.7MB
 MP4 235.5MB
55 minutes
Budget seminar: understanding the Budget
Presenters: Anne Holmes and Richard Webb, Economics Section, Parliamentary Library
8 May 2012
Powerpoint presentation
MP4 32.85MB
52 minutes
The US Presidential Election: A First Take?
Presenter: Dr John Hart, Reader in Political Science, Australian National University
Chair Dr Dianne Heriot
13 March 2012
Powepoint presentation
MP4 206MB
60 minutes
United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons especially women and children
Speaker: Dr Joy Ezeilo
Chair: Roxanne Missingham
24 November 2011
 MP3 32.58MB
45 minutes
The Australia–US alliance in the 21st century: two perspectives
Professor Hugh White
Professor Geoffrey Garrett
Chair: Mr Michael Danby
2 November 2011
 MP3 56.4MB
1 hour 21 minutes
How tax reform can contribute to managing the resources boom, reversing the slide in productivity growth, improving housing affordability and fostering social inclusion
Chair: Julie Owens MP
Speaker: Mr Saul Eslake, Director, Productivity Growth Program, Grattan Institute
21 September 2011
Presentation notes [PDF 158KB
MP3 40.5MB
1 hour

Tax 101: How to see through the tax fog to future reforms
Speaker: Dr Neil Warren, Professor of Taxation, University of New South Wales
Chair: Dianne Heriot
14 September 2011
Powerpoint presentation
Powerpoint presentation with audio

MP3 42.13MB
1 hour 

Human trafficking and slavery in Australia
Speaker: Associate Professor Jennifer Burn
Chair: Dianne Heriot
24 August 2011
Powerpoint presentation
30 second DVD: Anti-slavery—agriculture
30 second DVD: Anti-slavery—domestic worker
30 second DVD: Anti-slavery—restaurant worker

MP3 38.77MB
56 minutes