Seminars and Lectures 2008-09

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program, which has been running since 1986, is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators and Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics. Seminar recordings are available to Senators and Members only.

Seminars held during 2008–09 

Title/Speakers/Chair /Number/Date
MP3 File/Duration
Epidemics in a changing world
Speakers: Professor Stephen Prowse and Professor Anne Kelso
Chair: The Hon. Nicola Roxon MP
Date: 24 June 2009
Powerpoint Presentation
MP3 44MB
65 minutes
National Broadband Network
Speakers: Henry Ergas and Paul Fletcher
Chair: Senator Mary Jo Fisher
Date: 17 June 2009
Powerpoint Presentation: Paul Fletcher
Paper (PDF): Henry Ergas
MP3 45MB
60 minutes

Representation in the Australian Parliament: two houses of representatives?
Speaker: Scott Brenton (2009 Australian Parliamentary Fellow)
Chair: The Hon. Dick Adams MP
Date: 3 June 2009

MP3 36MB
51 minutes
Housing affordability
Speaker: Honorary Associate Professor Judith Yates
Chair: Senator Scott Ludlam
Date: 18 March 2009
Powerpoint presentation
MP3 40MB
Carbon tax and emissions trading
Speakers: Danny Price, Richard Denniss and Dr Regina Betz
Chair: The Hon. David Hawker MP
Date: 17 March 2009
Powerpoint presentation: Dr Regina Betz
Powerpoint presentation: Danny Price
MP3 55MB

Indonesia’s elections 2009: how the system works and what the parties stand for
Speakers: Dr Stephen Sherlock, Dr Greg Fealy
Chair: Senator the Hon Alan Ferguson
Date: 26 February 2009
PowerPoint presentation:  Dr Stephen Sherlock
PowerPoint presentation:  Dr Greg Fealy

MP3 50MB
Economic futures: two views
Speakers: Associate Professor Stephen Keen, University of Western Sydney and Rory Robertson, Economist, Macquarie Bank
Chair: Sharryn Jackson MP
26 November 2008
PowerPoint presentation:  Professor Keen
PowerPoint presentation (PDF): Rory Robertson
MP3 48.66MB

US Presidential election: what does it mean?
Speaker: Associate Professor James Lengle
Chair: Roxanne Missingham
12 November 2008

MP3 49.93MB
Shadow Cabinet in Australia
Speaker: Joel Bateman
Chair: Roxanne Missingham
24 September 2008
MP3 23.326MB