Seminars and Lectures 2003-04

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program, which has been running since 1986, is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators and Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics. Seminar recordings are available to Senators and Members only. 

Seminars held during 2003–04

Title/Speakers/Chair /Number/Date
MP3 File/Duration
Practical Reconciliation
Speakers: Dr Angela Pratt and Dr Boyd Hunter
Chair: Senator Aden Ridgeway
Number/Date: 9, 2003–04, 23 June 2004
MP3 64:4MB
Duration: 1:18:33
Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement
Speakers: Professor Ross Garnaut AO and Mr Peter Hendy
Chair: Dr Andrew Southcott MP
Number/Date: 8, 2003–04, 17 June 2004
MP3 53:4MB
Duration: 1:02:53
Iraq, Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect
Speaker: Professor Ramesh Thakur
Chair: Mr Kevin Rudd MP
Number/Date: 7, 2003–04, 31 March 2004
MP3 62:9MB
Duration: 1:16:37
Migration to the Regions: Possibilities?
Speakers: Professor Graeme Hugo, Professor Glenn Withers AO and Dr Bob Birrell
Chair: Senator Ursula Stephens
Number/Date: 6, 2003–04, 10 March 2004
MP3 60MB
Duration: 1:12:21
Commonwealth Funding for Schools
Speakers: Mr Bill Daniels and Dr Louise Watson
Chair: Senator Lyn Allison
Number/Date: 5, 2003–04, 3 March 2004
MP3 56:9MB
Duration: 1:36:31
Water Reform
The Council of Australian Governments' (CoAG's) National Water Initiative:
Can Theory be Made to Work?

Speakers: Professor Mike Young and Mr Dick Thompson
Chair: Mrs Sussan Ley MP
Number/Date: 4, 2003–04, 15 October 2003
MP3 54:1MB
Duration: 1:05:18
Practising Reconciliation—'Reconciliation' and the Australian Parliament, 1991–2003
Speaker: Angela Pratt
Chair: Senator Nigel Scullion
Number/Date: 3, 2003–04, 8 October 2003
MP3 53.9MB
Duration: 1:05:34

Australian Intervention in the Solomon Islands: A Permanent Solution?
Speakers: Dr Elsina Wainwright and Mr James Ensor
Chair: Senator Natasha Stott Despoja
Number/Date: 2, 2003–04, 17 September 2003

MP3 57.8MB
Duration: 1:10:37

Trafficking and Sexual Servitude in Australia
Speakers: Mr Chris Payne and
Detective Senior Sergeant Ivan McKinney
Chair: Ms Nicola Roxon
Number/Date: 1, 2003–04, 20 August 2003

MP3 48.7MB
Duration: 1:0:0