Seminars and Lectures 2002-03

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program, which has been running since 1986, is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators and Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics. Seminar recordings are available to Senators and Members only.

Seminars held during 2002–03

Title/Speakers/Chair /Number/Date
MP3 File/Duration

Stem Cell Research: The Science and the Ethics
Speakers: Professor John Hearn and Dr Greg Pike
Chair: Senator Marise Payne
Number/Date: 1 2002–03, 28 August 2002

MP3 67.6MB
Duration: 1:13:54

Cost Sharing or Cost Shifting: The Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) in Dispute
Speaker: Dr Ken Baker
Chair: Senator Susan Knowles
Number/Date: 2 2002–03, 25 September 2002

MP3 52.9MB
Duration 0:57:47

Human Rights in Australia post-September 11
Speakers: Professor Hilary Charlesworth and Professor George Williams
Chair: Senator Brett Mason
Number/Date: 3 2002–03, 16 October 2002

MP3 58.7MB
Duration 1:04:11
The Internet and Political Campaigning
Speaker: Dr Rachel Gibson
Chair: Senator Kate Lundy
Number/Date: 4 2002–03, 23 October 2002

MP3 65.9MB
Duration 1:12:03

Paid Maternity Leave-It's About Time
Speaker: Pru Goward
Chair: Tanya Plibersek MP
Number/Date: 5 2002–03, 13 November 2002

MP3 53.9MB
Duration 0:58:54

The Role of Fuel Reduction in Bushfire Management
Speakers: Dr Phil Cheney and Dr Ross Bradstock
Chair: Mr David Hawker MP
Number/Date: 6 2002–03, 5 March 2003
MP3 67.6MB
Duration 1:13:54
Choice in Superannuation What is it? And are we ready for it?
Speakers: The Hon. Susan Ryan, AO and Dr Michaela Anderson
Chair: Senator John Watson
Number/Date: 7 2002–03, 19 March 2003

MP3 71.2MB
Duration 1:17:48

War in Iraq: Initial Assessments
Speakers: Mr Hugh White and Air Marshal Ray Funnell AC (Retd)
Chair: The Hon. K. Beazley MP
Number/Date: 8 2002–03, 26 March 2003

MP3 84.4MB
Duration 1:32:16
Compulsory Private Saving in Australia
Speaker: Associate Professor Owen Covick
Chair: Senator Stephen Conroy
Number/Date: 9 2002–03, 14 May 2003
MP3 74.6MB
Duration 1:21:30
Party Policy and Political Principles: Direction, Difference and Dissent
Speaker: Dr Maurice Rickard, Australian Parilamentary Fellow
Chair: Senator John Tierney
Number/Date: 10 2002–03, 18 June 2003
MP3 62.5MB
Duration 1:08:20
Can Catchment Controls Help Protect the Great Barrier Reef?
Speakers: Dr Neil Byron and Mr George Rayment
Chair: Senator Jan McLucas
Number/Date: 11 2002–03, 25 June 2003
MP3 69.7MB
Duration 1:16:13