Seminars and Lectures 1994-June 1996

The Vital Issues Program is a series of seminars organised by the Parliamentary Library for the benefit of Senators and Members. The aim of the seminar program, which has been running since 1986, is to bring notable speakers to the Parliament to give Senators and Members and their staff the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert opinion on a range of currently relevant topics. Seminars are recorded and are available to Senators and Members only.

Seminars held 1994

Title Speaker Chairperson
Tape no.
Why where matters: policies for urban and regional development Prof Frank Stilwell Hon E J Lindsay MP
9 February 1994
Job readiness or real jobs? : tinkering with the margins versus sharing the future Dr Jocelyn Pixley Sen John Coulter
24 February 1994
Private lives, public policies: placing families at the centre of public policy Prof Bettina Cass Sen Rosemary Crowley
23 March 1994
The road to reconciliation: what do the South African election results mean to Africa, Australia and the world? Prof Norman Etherington Hon Ben Humphreys MP
4 May 1994
Employment policies for Australia Prof Helen Hughes and Prof Julian Disney Dr Michael Wooldridge MP
1 June 1994
Telecommunication reform around the world: implications for Australia Prof Bill Melody and Peter Saalmans Sen Bill O'Chee
28 June 1994
National competition policy Prof Fred Hilmer Hon George Gear MP
24 August 1994
Myths and realities of enterprise bargaining Ron Callus and John Buchanan Wayne Swan MP
12 October 1994
Where is APEC going? : directions for Asia Pacific trade Prof Ross Garnaut and Prof Peter Drysdale Sen Stephen Loosley
18 October 1994
Young people in Australian society: players or spectators? Julian Pocock, David Matthews and Dave Ireson Allan Morris MP
9 November 1994
Rwanda: as I saw it Sen John Herron John Templeton
7 December 1994

Seminars held 1995:

Title Speaker Chairperson
Tape no.
Predilections, presumptions & poppycock: pollsters and the polls Prof Murray Goot Peter Reith MP 8 February 1995 VIS95/01
Eating the future: the Australian people in their environment Dr Tim Flannery Hon Barry Jones MP 1 March 1995 VIS95/02
Budget 1995 Des Moore and Dr John Quiggin Phil Cleary MP 7 June 1995 VIS95/03
Copyright and information poverty Paul Chadwick Sen Amanda Vanstone 21 June 1995 VIS95/04
No more nukes? : prospects and outcomes for a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Gillian Bird and Dr Roderic Alley Bill Taylor MP 23 August 1995 VIS95/05
Papua New Guinea: twenty years since independence Simon Pentanu John Langmore MP 30 August 1995 VIS95/06
A critical appraisal of national competition policy Dr John Quiggin Martyn Evans MP 20 September 1995 VIS95/07
The Beijing women's conference Kathleen Townsend Judi Moylan MP 27 September 1995 VIS95/08
Politics and democracy in Papua New Guinea Rt Hon Rabbie Namaliu John Templeton 28 September 1995 VIS95/09
Crime control: an alternative to law and order politics? Prof John Braithwaite Hon Duncan Kerr MP 18 October 1995 VIS95/10
Legislating an inflation target: the role of monetary policy in Australia Dr Peter Stemp Hon David Simmons MP 25 October 1995 VIS95/11
The Murray-Darling Basin: if the salt doesn't get you, the blue green algae will. Prof Peter Cullen and Don Blackmore Chris Gallus MP 22 November 1995 VIS95/12
Economic fundamentalism: structural adjustment in New Zealand Dr Jane Kelsey John Langmore MP 22 November 1995 VIS95/13
Paths to a sustainable economy Prof Robert Costanza and Kenneth Bohnsack Dr John Coulter 29 November 1995 VIS95/14

Seminars held Jan - June 1996:

Title Speaker Chairperson
Tape no.
Perception and reality: political ethics and codes of conduct Prof John Warhurst and Dr Glyn Davis Sen the Hon Michael Beahan 8 May 1996 VIS96/01
National interest and the sale of Telstra Dr Robert Albon and Mr Gerard Goggin Sen Baden Teague 22 May 1996 VIS96/02
Crime and justice Dr Adam Graycar Sen Judith Troeth 29 May 1996 VIS96/03
Mining in Kakadu: lessons from Coronation Hill Dr Clive Hamilton Sen Sid Spindler 19 June1996 VIS96/04
Regionalism in the Asia Pacific, with particular reference to APEC and ASEM Dr Lee Tsao Yuan Peter Nugent MP 24 June 1996 VIS96/05
Australia's water: up the creek - can research provide the paddle? Prof Peter Cullen, Prof Donald Bursill and Prof Russell Mein John Forrest MP 26 June 1996 VIS96/06