Parliamentary Library Briefing Book

Publication date: September 2010

Key Issues for the 43rd Parliament


Parliament and public administration reform

2010 Federal Election

Composition of the 43rd Parliament

Hung parliament

Parliamentary reform

Enabling the franchise

Australian Public Service reform

Reforming social services and institutions

School reform

Meeting the need for higher level skills through tertiary education reform

A health care system for the 21st century

Improving the health of all Australians: the role of preventative health

Funding support for people with disability

The challenge of housing the nation

Addressing social disadvantage

Tackling ‘corrosive’ welfare

Welfare to work: a reform agenda in progress

Indigenous affairs: shared goals, elusive outcomes

Population and infrastructure

Australia’s future population

Population growth: what role does immigration play?

Challenges of an ageing population

Building sustainable cities

Regional population trends in Australia

Population and the natural environment

Broadband telecommunications

Environment and energy

The politics and science of climate change

Emissions control policies

Renewable energy targets

Powering Australia from renewable sources

Climate change action: a multi-faceted approach

Strengthening the Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act

Murray-Darling Basin water issues

Marine oil pollution

Tasmanian forests: future agreement?

International whaling

The minerals sector

Law, justice and human rights

Public sector accountability and transparency

Indigenous people, local government and other constitutional issues

Same-sex marriage

Parliament and the protection of human rights

‘Property’ and acquisition on just terms

Plain packaging of tobacco products

The nation’s economy

Domestic economy overview

Australia, China and the Global Financial Crisis

Australia’s future tax system

International comparisons of national debt

Emissions taxes

Australia in the world

Australia’s regional engagements in East Asia and the Asia Pacific

Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan

The Defence Strategic Reform Program (SRP)

Refugees: Australia’s humanitarian response

The Iranian nuclear program

Australia’s engagement with the United Nations

Free Trade Agreement negotiations with North Asia

Copenhagen: a stepping stone