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Title   Date
The gods must be crazy: chronology of and issues in the Qantas industrial dispute 2011 442KB  83 KB 22.06.2012
Income management: an overview 495KB  106 KB 21.06.2012
The Olympics: background and London update 1570KB  2261 KB 18.06.2012
Queensland election 2012 808KB 685 KB 7.06.2012
Is income management working? 787KB  685 KB 5.06.2012 
Australian elections timetable 881KB 63 KB 30.05.2012
Income management and the Racial Discrimination Act 881KB  138KB 28.05.2012
Australia's future submarines 485KB  65KB 24.05.2012
Burma: domestic reforms and international responses 557KB  423KB 22.05.2012
The capital city conundrum: an exploration of Canberra as Australia’s national capital 1100KB 795KB 17.05.2012
Chronology of Fair Work: background, events and related legislation  695KB  96KB 15.05.2012
Alcohol warning labels—do they work? 631KB  105KB 9.05.2012
Developments in Australian refugee law and policy 2010–2011 998KB  104KB 12.04.2012
Electoral and political financing: the Commonwealth regime and its reforms 871KB 93 KB 30.03.2012 
United States presidential nomination process 588KB  66 KB 23.03.2012
Political financing: regimes and reforms in Australian states and territories 1091KB  419 KB 14.03.2012 
Representation of women in Australian parliaments 650KB  282 KB 7.03.2012
'A ray of hope': London Somalia Conference, 23 February 2012 615KB  64KB 22.02.2012
Dental reform: an overview of universal dental schemes 482KB  64KB 22.02,2012 
Private health insurance premium increases—an overview and update    67KB 13.02.2012
Same-sex marriage 804KB  81 KB 10.02.2012 
Australia's implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention 264KB 74KB 7.02.2012
The national broadband network and the federal government budget statements 1.63MB 1355 KB 13.01.2012
The administration of Commonwealth Government advertising 1.18MB  1102KB 11.01.2012
Fossil fuel taxes 441KB  50KB 10.01.2012
The use of exchange rates in international income comparisons 413KB  70KB 12.12.2011
The origins of Australia’s uranium export policy 645KB  66 KB 2.12.2011
The Minerals Resource Rent Tax—selected concepts and issues 848KB  93 KB 24.11.2011
Domestic violence in Australia—an overview of the issues 930KB  142KB 23.11.2011
Electronic gaming machines: what lessons from Norway? 398KB  69KB 21.11.2011
Toward national workplace safety and workers’ compensation systems: a chronology 175KB  69KB 12.11.2011
The hung Commonwealth Parliament: the first year 1.68MB  2302KB 7.10.2011
The annual allowance for senators and members 739KB  85KB 6.10.2011
Parliamentary allowances, salaries of office and entitlements 734KB  77KB 5.10.2011
Should Parliament ultimately decide whether asylum seekers may be sent to a foreign country? 631KB  67KB 19.08.2011
Population change in electoral divisions, 2008 to 2009 1.40MB 110 KB 19.08.2011
Suicide in Australia 945KB  60KB 29.07.2011
The development of Australia’s coal seam gas resources 524KB  80KB 28.07.2011
Radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in Australia  1.35MB  321 KB 21.07.2011
The Democratic Labor Party: an overview 506KB  18.07.2011
Australian aid to Afghanistan  616KB  61 KB 18.07.2011