ALP's 2010 National Review

On Friday 18 February part of a review commissioned by the ALP's National Executive was released. The public section of the report deals with the future of the ALP and the changes that the Review Committee recommends for the party to 'survive and prosper'.

The report shows declines in party membership, the number of local branches and the number of affiliated unions. Some of the significant organisational changes recommended by former premiers Steve Bracks and Bob Carr, and Senator John Faulkner, involve:
  • strategies aimed at rebuilding the local branch membership
  • encouraging lapsed members to rejoin
  • granting members a direct vote for a component of delegates to the National Conference
  • granting full voting rights on the National Executive to the National President and Vice-presidents
  • introducing primaries for preselections in some seats
Two further parts of the report, dealing with the 2007-10 term of the Labor Government and the conduct of the 2010 national campaign, remain private, but some, including Foreign Minister Rudd, are calling for the release of the whole report.

At least two matters appear to be the focus of discussion: changes to preselection arrangements and the method of selecting frontbenchers.

The report's recommendations will be discussed at the ALP's National Conference in December 2011.

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