Section 7: Miscellaneous matters

35.          Travel on official business

35.1        Employees may be required to travel on official business as part of their normal duties. The relevant departmental guidelines set out entitlements with respect to meals, accommodation and incidental expenses.

36.          Child care/family care expenses

36.1        Where an employee is required to work additional hours, to travel on official business, at short notice, or is recalled to duty from leave, the Clerk may approve the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred for the care of a household family member (e.g. child or elderly parent) where:

  1. the employee is given less than 24 hours’ notice of the requirement to work, travel or be recalled to duty; and
  2. there is no form of suitable unpaid care available to the employee; and
  3. the manager is informed immediately that the requirement to work or travel may give rise to a claim under this clause, so that alternative work arrangements can be considered.

37.          Loss or damage

37.1        The Clerk may approve reimbursement to an employee for loss or damage to clothing or personal effects which occurs as a direct consequence of the performance of his or her duties at work. Employees are to report any such loss or damage, as soon as practicable after the occurrence, to their immediate supervisor.

38.          Notice of resignation, retirement and termination of employment by the department

38.1        Where possible, employees should provide written notice of resignation or retirement to their program manager in accordance with the following periods:

  1. Parliamentary Executive levels        four weeks
  2. APS 1/2 to 6 levels                              two weeks.

38.2        A resignation may not take effect on a public holiday or closedown day.

38.3        Where the department terminates an employee’s employment, the department will provide an employee with the minimum period of notice of termination required by the NES, or will make a payment in lieu of some or all of the notice.

39.          Payment on death

39.1        Where an employee dies, or is presumed to have died, the Clerk will make a payment to the employee’s personal legal representative of the amount to which the employee would have been entitled on resignation or retirement.

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