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Safety and Security at Parliament House

A range of safety and security resources are available for building occupants and visitors.

All Emergencies (Parliamentary Security Operations Room) 6277 7117 
General security inquiries 6277 5999

AFP Security Protection Diplomatic Liaison – Australian Parliament House

For non-emergency matters


02 5126 9066

Alternatively, email
Parliamentary Workplace Support Service

Tel: 1800 747 977

SMS: 0487 112 755


Nurses Centre

For emergencies call Ext. 7117

 6277 5314 or 0428 472 673


To report emergencies, incidents or security concerns please contact the Parliamentary Security Operations Room. Please do not dial 000 – the PSOR coordinates access by emergency services. Arrival of an emergency service without PSOR awareness can actually slow response times.

Police support for parliamentarians

The Australian Federal Police Security Protection Diplomatic Liaison – Australian Parliament House (SPDL-APH) responds to non-urgent incidents or security concerns of parliamentarians while in the ACT.  The SPDL-APH team are located inside APH during sitting weeks.

Nurses Centre

The Nurses Centre, located next to the Health and Recreation Centre, provides first aid services and health advice to APH building occupants and visitors.

Operating Hours

Non-sitting weeks:

Monday to Friday


10:00 am - 3:00pm

Sitting Weeks:

Monday to Thursday


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS)

The PWSS is an independent and confidential service available to support everyone who works or volunteers in a Commonwealth parliamentary workplace (CPW).

The PWSS provides trauma informed support, early intervention, and local resolution for those who have been impacted by serious incidents or misconduct, or workplace conflict that amounts to a work health and safety risk.The PWSS office in APH is located in M2.105, near the Parliamentary Library and is staffed from 8:30am-8pm Monday to Wednesday of sitting weeks, and 8:30am–5pm on all other business days.If you would like to talk to someone from the PWSS, you can contact us from anywhere in Australia.

More information about the PWSS is available at

Access to APH

Entry procedures

It is a condition of entry that everyone who enters APH must undergo security screening.

Pass holders must scan their pass and have their authorisation for entry verified when entering through all security entry points and private carparks.

When moving from public to private spaces (including carparks), please ensure anybody immediately behind you does not tailgate through entry points. If in doubt, ask to see the person’s security pass.

Please be aware that tailgating into carparks and the private areas of the building is a breach of security and must be reported to the Parliamentary Security Operations Room on 02 6277 5999.

Misuse of a security pass or non-compliance with the conditions of use (printed on the back of APH Access Cards) is a security incident and must be reported to the Department of Parliamentary Services by emailing

Visitor access

All visitors intending to access the private areas of APH require an ‘Escorted Visitor Pass’. Visitors must show photographic identification at the Concierge Desk or security entry point and be signed-in by a pass holder.

This visitor pass must be worn so it is clearly visible, and the visitor must be accompanied at all times by a current pass holder. The visitor pass must be returned to any Parliamentary Security Service (PSS) Officer at a security checkpoint before leaving the building.

Escorting visitors

It is the responsibility of a pass holder who signs-in a visitor to ensure they are escorted at all times. This means escorting the visitor within all private areas and to the exit.

If you see an unescorted visitor, ask the visitor who should be escorting them or who signed them in, then please escort the visitor to the nearest PSS officer and report the matter.

If you are unable to locate a PSS officer, please call the Parliamentary Security Operations Room on 02 6277 5999 for guidance.

Parking facilities

Access to private car parks at APH is strictly for eligible pass holders only - guests are not permitted to use these spaces. 

The basement public carpark is available 24/7. Paid parking rates for the public carpark are available on the Parliament House website. During sitting days, pass holders can park for free at the West Block carpark. 

Pass holders can swipe their pass to gain access to the carpark, a ticket will not be required on sitting weeks only. 


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