Part 8

Reference Material


Table 1: Replacement activity for parliamentarians’ offices

Table 2: Number of devices upgraded for parliamentary departments

Table 3: ICT critical system availability during scheduled service hours

Table 4: Client satisfaction and performance with DPS 2020 Support Desk and ICT support staff during 2014–15

Table 5: Calls to 2020 Support Desk

Table 6: Building maintenance work in 2014–15

Table 7: Parliament House Works Program—Key Performance Indicators 2014–15

Table 8: Building Condition Index by area (target 89–92%)

Table 9: Landscape Condition Index by area (target 90%)

Table 10: Engineering Systems Condition Index

Table 11: Design Integrity Index by area

Table 12: Energy consumed at Parliament House and by DPS transport

Table 13: Visitor Numbers 2014–15

Table 14: Total number of meals/beverages served at Parliament House in 2014–15

Table 15: Artwork activity 2014–15

Table 16: Hours recorded and transcribed

Table 17: Hours of parliamentary committee hearings for the last quarter

Table 18: Access to Hansard on the ParlInfo Search database

Table 19: Hansard—Accuracy

Table 20: Hansard—Timeliness – Chambers

Table 21: Hansard – Timeliness – committees

Table 22: Program 1: Parliamentary Services

Table 23: Program 2: Parliament House Works Program

Table 24: Building occupant satisfaction results for the 2014–15 Key Performance Indicators

Table 25: Client requests completed in 2014–15

Table 26: Page views by publication type

Table 27: Staff separation summary—1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015

Table 28: Research services—deliverables

Table 29: Research services—Price indicators

Table 30: Research services—Key Performance Indicators

Table 31: Information access services—deliverables

Table 32: Information access services—price indicators

Table 33: Subprogram 2—Information access services—Key Performance Indicators

Table 34: Audit Committee attendance

Table 35: Staffing headcount by classification at 30 June 2015 (figures include both acting and nominal employees)

Table 36: Employee commencement figures – ongoing and non-ongoing (by head count)

Table 37: Commencements by age and gender 2014–15 – (by head count)

Table 38: Employee separation by age and gender (by head count)

Table 39: Staff turnover figures by type (by head count)

Table 40: Instruments of employment at 30 June 2015

Table 41: SES base salary at 30 June 2015

Table 42: Salary ranges by classification for PSL officers and PEL officers

Table 43: DPS organised 36 in-house training sessions

Table 44: Consultancy cost for the last three years

Table 45: Energy consumed at Parliament House and by DPS transport

Table 46: Parliament House emissions (direct and indirect, including passenger and operational vehicle fleets)

Table 47: Advertising costs

Table 48: Legal services expenditure