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Research Papers 1998–99

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Title Number Date
Proposals for a Wage Freeze and Tax Credits: Will Subsidising Low Wage Jobs Solve Unemployment? [HTML] [PDF 1.37MB] 29 29.06.99
Challenges to the Concept and Practice of Political Representation in Australia [HTML] [PDF 1.40MB] 28 29.06.99
From Dispossession to Reconciliation [HTML] [PDF 2.8MB] 27 29.06.99
Changes to Employment Assistance: More or Less Effective [HTML] [PDF 1.16MB] 26 29.06.99
From Constitutional Convention to Republic Referendum: A Guide to the Processes, the Issues and the Participants [HTML] [PDF 2.14MB] 25 29.06.99
Departmental Machinery of Government Since 1987 [HTML] [PDF 1.57MB] 24 29.06.99
Indonesian Armed Forces (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-TNI) [HTML] [PDF 1.67MB] 23 29.06.99
New South Wales Election 1999 [HTML] [PDF1.62MB] 22 08.06.99
The Future of East Timor: Major Current Issues [HTML] [PDF 2.66MB] 21 24.05.99
The Federal Parliament and the Protection of Human Rights [HTML] [PDF 1.45MB] 20 11.05.99
Mandate: Australia's Current Debate in Context [HTML] [PDF 1.72MB] 19 11.05.99
Indonesia's Dangerous Transition: The Politics of Recovery and Democratisation [HTML] [PDF 2.50MB] 18 28.04.99
Sex Discrimination Legislation in the States and Territories [HTML] [PDF 1.29MB] 17 30.03.99
The Elusive Promise of Equality: Analysing the Limits of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 [HTML] [PDF 2.28MB] 16 30.03.99
Creating the Active Citizen? Recent Developments in Civics Education [HTML] [PDF 1.25MB] 15 23.03.99
The Koreas in 1999: Between Confrontation and Engagement [HTML] [PDF 1.29MB] 14 23.03.99
State Economic and Social Indicators [HTML] [PDF 1.79MB] 13 09.02.99
Electronic Commerce: Security Issues [HTML] [PDF 1.76MB] 12 16.02.99
Social Security Payments for the Aged, those with Disabilities and Carers 1909 to 1998 [HTML] [PDF 2.14MB] (corrected 5 January 2000) 11 16.02.99
The Decline in Support for Australian Major Parties and the Prospect of Minority Government [HTML] [PDF 1.08MB] 10 16.02.99
Federal Elections 1998 [HTML] [PDF 2.80MB] 9 16.02.99
Federal Election Results 1949-1998 [HTML] [PDF 1.61MB] 8 09.02.99
Ministerial Directions to Statutory Corporations [HTML] [PDF 1.48MB] 7 08.11.98
International Year of the Oceans - 1998: Australia's Policies, Programs and Legislation [HTML] [PDF 2.48MB] 6 08.12.98
Natural Gas: Energy for the New Millenium [HTML] [PDF1.59MB] 5 08.12.98
The 'Boomer Bulge': Ageing Policies for the 21st Century [HTML] [PDF 1.60MB] 4 10.11.98
Politicising the Australian Public Service? [HTML] [PDF 1.15MB] 3 10.11.98
A Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians? [HTML] [PDF 2.35MB] 2 14.09.98
Abortion Law in Australia [HTML] [PDF 2.60MB] 1 31.08.98