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Research Papers 2016–17

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Title Date
Double, double toil and trouble: the 2016 federal election 284KB 173KB 30.06.2017
Federal election 2016—Reissue 284KB 173KB 29.06.2017
Trends in home ownership in Australia: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
International aged care: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Federal election results 1901–2016—Reissue 284KB 173KB 26.06.2017
Media and communications resources and information: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Uluru Statement: a quick guide 362KB 91KB 19.06.2017
Budget Review 2017–18 336KB  19.05.2017
Pre-Budget snapshot of the Australian Economy: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 09.05.2017
The Commonwealth Budget: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 08.05.2017
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and other student loans: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 02.05.2017
Forestry statistics: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 20.04.2017
Federal election 2016 284KB 173KB 07.04.2017
A quick guide to military anniversaries in 2017 284KB 173KB 03.04.2017
Federal election results 1901–2016 284KB 173KB 31.03.2017
Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information 284KB 173KB
Anzac Day traditions and rituals: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Military history: a quick guide to online resources 284KB 173KB 29.03.2017
Immigration detention in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 284KB 173KB
Kosher food certification in Australia: a quick guide 298KB 79KB 07.03.2017
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: a quick guide 298KB 79KB 03.03.2017
A comparison of Coalition and Labor government asylum policies in Australia since 2001  944KB 124KB 02.02.2017
Northern Territory election 2016 944KB 124KB 19.01.2017
Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 944KB 124KB 18.01.2017
Australia’s Humanitarian Program: a quick guide to the statistics since 1947 944KB 124KB 17.01.2017
Boat arrivals and boat ‘turnbacks’ in Australia since 1976: a quick guide to the statistics 284KB 197KB
Defence housing—key issues and impacts 336KB 79KB 17.01.2017
2016 Australian Capital Territory election: an overview 336KB 79KB 12.01.2017
Australia's Parliament House in 2014 and 2015: a chronology of events 336KB 79KB 23.12.2016
‘That's it, you’re out’: disorderly conduct in the House of Representatives from 1901 to 2016 944KB 124KB
Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers in Nauru and PNG: a quick guide to statistics and resources 412KB 79KB 19.12.2016
Australia and the Doha Amendment: a quick guide 412KB 79KB 02.12.2016
Index of Victoria Cross recipients by electorate 412KB 79KB 29.11.2016
44th Parliament in review 412KB 79KB 24.11.2016
Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program: a quick guide 412KB 79KB 22.11.2016
Basic income: a radical idea enters the mainstream 412KB 79KB
Domestic and family violence initiatives and funding across Australian jurisdictions in 2016–17: a quick guide 336KB 79KB 28.10.2016
Political attitudes to conscription: 1914–1918 295KB 75KB 27.10.2016
Aged Care: a quick guide 295KB 75KB 24.10.2016
Housing and the social security system 336KB 79KB
Indigenous affairs: a quick guide to key internet links 336KB 79KB 04.10.2016
Understanding statistics in social policy development and evaluation: a quick guide 336KB 79KB 30.09.2016
Changes to Australia’s overseas aid program under the Abbott and Turnbull governments 2013–2016: key policies and responses 336KB 79KB 22.09.2016
Asylum seekers and refugees: a quick guide to key Parliamentary Library publications 259KB 80KB
Commonwealth Members of Parliament who have served in war: the Second World War 298KB 79KB 09.09.2016
Refugee resettlement to Australia: what are the facts? 298KB 79KB 07.09.2016
Government response to the Harper Competition Policy Review: a quick guide 298KB 79KB 07.09.2016
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: a quick guide 
‘So when is the next election?’: Australian elections timetable as at 1 September 2016 281KB 212KB
Developments in the youth labour market since the GFC 336KB 212KB
Halal certification in Australia: a quick guide 336KB 79KB 30.08.2016
Parliamentary Library Briefing Book 30.08.2016
New Zealanders in Australia: a quick guide 248KB 80KB 29.08.2016
Composition of the 45th Parliament: a quick guide 248KB 80KB
Electoral redistributions during the 45th Parliament 259KB 80KB 25.08.2016
The Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa: a quick guide 259KB 80KB 26.07.2016
Medicare: a quick guide 340KB 240B 12.07.2016
2014 Victorian state election 340KB 240B 05.07.2016