Parliamentary relations: political families in the Commonwealth Parliament

Updated 9 November 2015

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Hannah Gobbett and Martin Lumb
Politics and Public Administration Section

This paper is an update of Martin Lumb’s Parliamentary relations: political families in the Commonwealth Parliament that was previously published on 31 October 2012, and includes data from the 44th Parliament. 



Members of the 44th Parliament
Former Parliamentarians
Relatives of Prime Ministers in Parliament
Federal political families
Appendix 1: Relatives of Premiers in Parliament
New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia


ALP Australian Labor Party
ANTI-SOC Anti-Socialist Party
AUS Katter’s Australian Party
Centre Centre Party
CP Country Party
CN Country National Party
FLP Federal Labor Party
FSU Farmers and Settlers Union
FT Free Trade
G(WA) Greens (Western Australia)
IND Independent
IND LAB Independent Labor
IND PROT Independent Protectionist
IND UAP Independent United Australia Party
LANG LAB Lang Labor Party
LIB Liberal Party of Australia
LCL Liberal Country League
LNP Liberal National Party
MHR Member of the Commonwealth House of Representatives
NAT Nationalist Party
NCP National Country Party
NDP Nuclear Disarmament Party
NP The Nationals
NPA National Party of Australia
PROT Protectionist Party
UAP United Australia Party

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Although political families are sometimes viewed pejoratively as ‘dynasties’ perhaps, as political scientist Professor John Warhurst proposes, there is ‘a political gene that not only attracts members of the same family to politics but gives them the personal attributes to succeed’.[1] In 1986 political historian Joan Rydon observed that most members of political families have been active in their parties well before their election and suggested that family background may have led to membership of those parties at an early age.[2]

Since Federation there have been a number of political families in the Commonwealth Parliament. The first parliament included eight sons of state parliamentarians, and seven members who had brothers in state parliaments.

On 30 occasions since 1901 a son has succeeded his father into parliament and on two occasions a daughter has succeeded her father. Of these, 14 were Labor Party families and 17 non-Labor. In the other cases there was a significant shift in party allegiance: James Guy (Senator, Tas., 1914–20; ALP) was succeeded by his son, Allan Guy. Allan was initially elected as the Labor member for Bass but, in 1931, joined Joseph Lyons, James Fenton and two other Labor members in forming the United Australia Party. He subsequently became a Liberal Senator for Tasmania. In one unusual case, a father succeeded his son in Parliament: Francis Matthew John Baker (MHR, Oxley; 1931–34; Griffith, 1934–39; FLP) died in office, the result of a motor accident. Eighteen months later, his father Francis Patrick Baker (MHR, Maranoa, 1940–43; ALP) was elected.

In two cases, there have been three successive generations in the Commonwealth Parliament: the Anthonys: Hubert Lawrence (MHR, Richmond, 1937–57; CP), John Douglas (MHR, Richmond, 1957–84; CP; NCP; NPA) and Lawrence James (MHR, Richmond, 1996–2004; NPA; NP); and the Downers: Sir John William (Senator, SA, 1901–03; PROT), Alexander Russell (MHR, Angas, 1949–64; LIB) and Alexander John Gosse (MHR, Mayo, 1984–2008; LIB).

Dame Enid Lyons (MHR, Darwin, 1943–51; UAP; LIB) and Doris Blackburn (MHR, Bourke, 1946–49; IND LAB), the first two women elected to the House of Representatives, were the widows of previous members.

This Research paper documents:

  • those members of the 44th Parliament who have relatives who have served in parliaments,
  • Prime Ministers’ relatives who have served in Parliament,
  • a complete list of all federal Members of Parliament who have had relatives who have also served in Parliament, and
  • State premiers who have had relatives in Commonwealth Parliament.

This information has been compiled by the Parliamentary Library using data from the Parliamentary Handbook[3] and other biographical sources.

Appendix 1 lists federal Parliamentarians with relatives who were, at one stage or another, state premiers.

Members of the 44th Parliament

In 2015 at least 12 members of the Parliament have, or have had, a relative in federal or state parliament:

  • Eric Abetz (Senate, Tas., 1994–; LIB) is the brother of Peter Abetz (WA MLA, Southern River, 2008–; LIB).
  • David Bushby (Senate, Tas., 2008–; LIB) is the son of Maxwell Bushby (Tas. MHA, Bass, 1961–86; LIB).
  • Michaelia Cash (Senator, WA, 2008–; LIB) is the daughter of George Cash (WA MLA, Mount Lawley, 1984–89; WA MLC, North Metropolitan, 1989–2009; LIB).
  • Laurie Ferguson (MHR, Reid and Werriwa, 1990–; ALP) is the brother of Martin Ferguson (MHR, Batman, 1996–2013; ALP); they are the sons of Laurie (Jack) Ferguson (NSW MLA, Merrylands and Fairfield, 1959–62, 1968–84; 1962–68; ALP).
  • Joel Fitzgibbon (MHR, Hunter, 1996–; ALP) is the son of Eric Fitzgibbon (MHR, Hunter, 1984–96; ALP).
  • Gary Gray (MHR, Brand, 2007–; ALP) is the son-in-law of Peter Walsh (Senator, WA, 1974–93; ALP).
  • Sarah Henderson (MHR, Corangamite, 2013–; LIB) is the daughter of Ann Henderson (Vic. MLA, Geelong, 1992–99; LIB).
  • Gregory Hunt (MHR, Flinders, 2001–; LIB) is the son of Alan Hunt (Vic. MLC, South Eastern, 1961–92; LIB).
  • Bob (Robert Carl) Katter (MHR, Kennedy, 1993–; NPA; IND; AUS) is the son of Robert Cummin Katter (MHR, Kennedy, 1966–90; CP; NCP; NPA), and the father of Rob (Robert Ignatius) Katter (Qld MLA, Mount Isa, 2012–; AUS).
  • Jane Prentice (MHR, Ryan, 2010–; LIB) is the great granddaughter of Sir George Pearce (Senator, WA, 1901–38; ALP, NAT, UAP).
  • Philip Ruddock (MHR, Parramatta, Dundas and Berowra, 1973–; LIB) is the son of Maxwell Ruddock (NSW MLA, The Hills, 1962–76; LIB).
  • Dan Tehan (MHR, Wannon, 2010–; LIB) is the son of Marie Tehan (Vic. MLC, Central Highlands, 1987–92 and Vic MLA, Seymour, 1992–99; LIB). This was the first time a mother and son were elected to Australian parliaments.
  • Malcolm Turnbull (MHR, Wentworth, 2004–; LIB) is the son-in-law of Thomas Hughes (MHR, Parkes and Berowra, 1963–1972; LIB).

Former Parliamentarians

Elaine Darling (MHR, Lilley, 1980–93; ALP) is the mother of Vicky Darling (Qld MLA, Sandgate, 2006–12; ALP). This was the first time a mother and daughter were elected to Australian parliaments.

Relatives of Prime Ministers in Parliament

Four Prime Ministers have followed relatives into the political profession: Sir Robert Menzies’ father James was a Victorian state politician, Malcolm Fraser’s grandfather Simon was a federal Senator, Bob Hawke’s uncle Albert was a member of the South Australian and Western Australian parliaments, as well as Premier of WA, and Malcolm Turnbull’s father-in-law Thomas Hughes was a federal Member of the House of Representatives.

Relatives of three Prime Ministers have later followed their relatives into politics: Dame Enid, Brendan and Kevin Lyons entered politics after the death of husband and father (and then Prime Minister) Joseph Lyons; Sir Earle Page’s grandson, Donald, was a long-standing member of the NSW Parliament; and Antony Whitlam entered parliament during his father’s (Gough Whitlam’s) last term in the House of Representatives.

Prime Ministers are denoted with blue shading.

# PM Surname First names Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Lyons Joseph Wilmot (Tas.) 1929–39 ALP; UAP Joseph was the husband of Enid and father of Brendan and Kevin
Dame Enid[4] Darwin (Tas.) 1943–51 UAP; LIB
Brendan Aloysius Tas. MHA: Hobart, Tasmania 1982–86 LIB
Kevin Orchard Tas. MHA: Darwin (Braddon) 1948–72 LIB/Centre
Page Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Cowper (NSW) 1919–61 FSU; CP grandfather and grandson
Donald Loftus NSW MLA: Ballina 1988–2015 NP
1939–41; 1949–66
Menzies Sydney Sampson Wimmera (Vic.) 1906–19 IND PROT; LIB; NAT Robert was the nephew of Sydney, son-in-law of John William, and son of James
John William Leckie Indi (Vic.);
Senator (Vic.)
James Vic. MLA: Lowan 1911–20 NAT
Sir Robert[5] Kooyong (Vic.) 1934–66 LIB
Whitlam Edward Gough Werriwa (NSW) 1952–78 ALP father and son
Antony Philip Grayndler (NSW) 1975–77 ALP
Fraser Simon Senator (Vic.) 1901–13 PROT; ANTI-SOC grandfather and grandson
John Malcolm Wannon (Vic.) 1955–83 LIB
Hawke Albert[6] SA MLA: Burra Burra; WA MP: Northam. 1924–27; 1933–66 ALP uncle and nephew
Robert (Bob) Wills (Vic.) 1980–92 ALP
Turnbull Thomas Eyre Forrest Hughes Parkes (NSW) Berowra (NSW) 1963–1969; 1969–1972 LIB father-in-law and son-in-law
Malcolm Bligh Wentworth (NSW) 2004– LIB

Federal political families

The following is a list of political families in the Commonwealth Parliament since 1901. This table also indicates the 13 occasions when relatives served concurrently for at least some period of their terms in office. The table does not include members of state parliaments.[7] Federal political families

Surname First names Division/State Period of Service Party Relationship
Adermann Charles Frederick (later Sir Charles) Maranoa and Fisher (Qld) 1943-72 CP father and son
Albert Evan Fisher (Qld) and Fairfax (Qld) 1972–90 CP; NCP; NPA
Anthony  Hubert Lawrence (Larry) Richmond (NSW) 1937–57 CP grandfather, father and son
John Douglas Richmond (NSW) 1957–84 CP; NCP; NPA
Lawrence (Larry) James Richmond (NSW) 1996–2004 NPA; NP
Baker Francis Matthew John Oxley (Qld) and Griffith (Qld) 1931–39 FLP son and father (the only case of a father elected after the son)
Francis Patrick Maranoa (Qld) 1940–43 ALP
Barnard Herbert Claude Bass (Tas.) 1934–49 FLP; ALP father and son
Lance Herbert Bass (Tas.) 1954–75 ALP
Baume Michael Ehrenfried Macarthur (NSW) and Senator (NSW) 1975–83;
LIB cousins (served concurrently)
Peter Erne Senator (NSW) 1974–91 LIB
Beale Oliver Howard Parramatta (NSW) 1946–58 LIB father and son
Julian Howard Deakin and Bruce (Vic.) 1984–96 LIB
Beazley Kim Edward Fremantle (WA) 1945–77 ALP father and son
Kim Christian Swan and Brand (WA) 1980–2007 ALP
Blackburn Maurice McCrae Bourke (Vic.) 1934–43 FLP; ALP; IND LAB husband and wife
Doris Amelia Bourke (Vic.) 1946–49 IND LAB
Bonython Sir John Langdon South Australia and Barker (SA) 1901–06 PROT great grandfather and great grandson
Wilson Ian Bonython Cameron Sturt (SA) 1966–69;
Brennan Frank Batman (Vic.) 1911–31;
ALP; FLP brothers (served concurrently)
Thomas Cornelius Senator (Vic.) 1931–38 UAP
Brown Robert (Bob) James Hunter (NSW) and Charlton (NSW) 1980–98 ALP father and daughter
Hoare Kelly Joy Charlton (NSW) 1998–2007 ALP
Cameron Clyde Robert Hindmarsh (SA) 1949–80 ALP brothers (served concurrently)
Donald Newton Senator (SA) 1969–78 ALP
Cameron Cyril St Clair Senator (Tas.) 1901–03;
PROT brothers (served concurrently)
Donald Norman Tasmania and Wilmot (Tas.) 1901–03;
Cameron Eoin Harrap Stirling (WA) 1993–98 LIB cousins
Martin Bruce Senator (WA) 1969[8] LIB
Cameron Malcolm Duncan Barker (SA) 1922–34 LIB; NAT; UAP great grandfather and great grandson
Eoin Harrop Stirling (WA) 1993–98 LIB
Chaney Frederick Charles Perth (WA) 1955–69 LIB father and son
Frederick Michael Senator (WA) and Pearce (WA) 1974–90;
Corser Edward Bernard Cresset Wide Bay (Qld) 1915–28 LIB; NAT father and son
Bernard Henry Wide Bay (Qld) 1928–54 CP
Crean Frank Melbourne Ports (Vic.) 1951–77 ALP father and son
Simon Findlay Hotham (Vic.) 1990–2013 ALP
Downer  Sir John William Senator (SA) 1901–03 PROT grandfather, father and son
Alexander Russell Angas (SA) 1949–64 LIB
Alexander John Gosse Mayo (SA) 1984–2008 LIB
Ewing Norman Kirkwood Senator (WA) 1901–03 FT brothers (served concurrently)
Thomas Thomson (later Sir Thomas) Richmond (NSW) 1901–10 PROT
Fairbairn  George Fawkner (Vic.) 1906–13 IND PROT; LIB George Fairbairn was uncle of James and grandfather of David
James Valentine Flinders (Vic.) 1933–40 UAP
David Eric Farrer (NSW) 1949–75 LIB
Ferguson Laurie Donald Reid (NSW) and Werriwa (NSW) 1990– ALP brothers (served concurrently)
Martin John Batman (Vic.) 1996–2013 ALP
Fisher see Vallentine
Fisken Archibald Clyde Wanliss Ballaarat (Vic.) 1934–37 UAP grandfather and grandson
Ronaldson Michael John Clyde Ballarat (Vic.) and Senator (Vic.) 1990–2001;
Fitzgibbon Eric John Hunter (NSW) 1984–96 ALP father and son
Joel Andrew Hunter (NSW) 1996– ALP
Fraser Allan Duncan Eden-Monaro (NSW) 1943–66; 1969–72 ALP brothers (served concurrently)
James (Jim) Reay Australian Capital Territory 1951–70 ALP
Fraser Simon Senator (Vic.) 1901–13 PROT; ANTI-SOC grandfather and grandson
John Malcolm Wannon (Vic.) 1955–83 LIB
Gray see Walsh
Groom William Henry Darling Downs (Qld) 1901[9] PROT father and son
Littleton Ernest (later Sir Littleton) Darling Downs (Qld) 1901–02;
Gullett Henry Somer (later Sir Henry) Henty (Vic.) 1925–40 NAT; UAP father and son
Henry Baynton Somer Henty (Vic.) 1946–55 LIB
Guy James Senator (Tas.) 1914–20 ALP father and son
James Allan Bass and Wilmot (Tas.) and Senator (Tas.) 1929–34; 1940–46; 1949–56 ALP; UAP; LIB
Harrison Eric John Wentworth (NSW) 1931–56 UAP; LIB father and daughter
Walters Mary Shirley Senator (Tas.) 1975–93 LIB
Hoare see Brown
Howse Sir Neville Reginald Calare (NSW) 1922–29 NAT father and son
John Brooke Calare (NSW) 1946–60 LIB
Hughes Thomas Eyre Forrest Parkes (NSW)
Berowra (NSW)
father-in-law and son-in-law
Turnbull Malcolm Bligh Wentworth (NSW) 2004– LIB  
James Rowland Hunter (NSW) 1928–58 ALP; LANG LAB father and son
Albert (Bert) William Hunter (NSW) 1960–80 ALP
Jenkins Dr Henry (Harry) Alfred Scullin (Vic.) 1969–85 ALP father and son
Henry (Harry) Alfred Scullin (Vic.) 1986–2013 ALP
Katter Robert (Bob) Cummin Kennedy (Qld) 1966–90 CP; NCP; NPA father and son
Robert (Bob) Carl Kennedy (Qld) 1993– NPA; IND; AUS
Kemp David Alistair Goldstein (Vic.) 1990–2004 LIB brothers (served concurrently)
Charles Roderick (Rod) Senator (Vic.) 1990–2008 LIB
Leckie see Menzies
Lyons Joseph Aloysius Wilmot (Tas.) 1929–39 ALP; UAP husband and wife
Dame Enid Muriel Darwin (Tas.) 1943–51 UAP; LIB
McClelland Douglas Senator (NSW) 1962–87 ALP father and son
Robert Bruce Barton (NSW) 1996–2013 ALP
McGauran Peter John Gippsland (Vic.) 1983–2008 NPA; NP brothers (served concurrently)
Julian John James Senator (Vic.) 1987–90;
McLeay George Senator (SA) 1935–47;  1949–55 UAP; LIB brothers (served concurrently)
John (later Sir John) Boothby (SA) 1949–66 LIB; LCL
Menzies Robert Gordon (later Sir Robert) Kooyong (Vic.) 1934–66 UAP; LIB Robert Menzies was nephew of Sydney Sampson and son-in-law of John Leckie
Sampson Sydney Wimmera (Vic.) 1906–19 IND PROT; LIB; NAT
Leckie John William Indi (Vic.) and Senator (Vic.) 1917–19; 1935–47 NAT; UAP; LIB
Morris Peter Frederick Shortland (NSW) 1972–98 ALP brothers (served concurrently)
Allan Agapitos Newcastle (NSW) 1983–2001 ALP
Nelson Harold George Northern Territory 1922–34 ALP father and son
John Norman Northern Territory 1949–66 ALP
Newman Kevin Eugene Bass (Tas.) 1975–84 LIB husband and wife
Jocelyn Margaret Senator (Tas.) 1986–2002 LIB
O’Byrne Justin Hilary Senator (Tas.) 1947–81 ALP cousins (Michelle’s father was Justin’s first cousin)
Michelle Anne Bass (Tas.) 1998–2004 ALP
Pearce George Foster (later Sir George) Senator (WA) 1901–38 ALP; NAT; UAP great grandfather and great granddaughter
Prentice Jane Ryan (Qld) 2010– LIB
Pratten Herbert Edward Senator (NSW); Parramatta and Martin (NSW) 1917–21; 1921–28 NAT uncle and nephew
Frederick Graham Martin (NSW) 1928–29 NAT
Prentice see Pearce
Riley Edward South Sydney (NSW) 1910–31 ALP father and son (served concurrently)
Edward Charles Cook (NSW) 1922–34 ALP
Riordan David Kennedy (Qld) 1929–36 ALP; FLP uncle and nephew
Joseph Martin Phillip (NSW) 1972–75 ALP
Ronaldson see Fisken
Sampson see Menzies
Sherry Raymond Henry Franklin (Tas.) 1969–75 ALP father and son
Nicholas John Senator (Tas.) 1990–2012 ALP
Spender Percy Claude Warringah (NSW) 1937–51 IND UAP; UAP; LIB father and son
John Michael North Sydney (NSW) 1980–90 LIB
Spooner Eric Sydney Robertson (NSW) 1940–43 UAP brothers
William Henry (later Sir William) Senator (NSW) 1949–65 LIB
Street Geoffrey Austin Corangamite (Vic.) 1934–40 UAP father and son
Anthony Austin Corangamite (Vic.) 1966–84 LIB
Turnbull see Hughes      
Vallentine Josephine Senator (WA) 1985–92 NDP; IND; G(WA) aunt and niece
Fisher Mary Josephine Senator (SA) 2007–12 LIB
Vardon Joseph Senator (SA) 1907;
ANTI-SOC; LIB father and son
Edward Charles Senator (SA) 1921–22 NAT
Walsh Peter Alexander Senator (WA) 1974–93 ALP father-in-law and son-in-law
Gray Gary Brand (WA) 2007– ALP
Walters see Harrison
Watkins David Newcastle (NSW) 1901–35 ALP; FLP father and son
David Oliver Newcastle (NSW) 1935–58 FLP; ALP
Whitlam Edward Gough Werriwa (NSW) 1952–78 ALP father and son (served concurrently)
Antony Philip Grayndler (NSW) 1975–77 ALP
Wilson Keith Cameron (later Sir Keith) Sturt (SA) 1949–54; 1955–66 LIB; LCL father and son
Wilson see also Bonython Ian Bonython Cameron Sturt (SA) 1966–69; 1972–93 LIB

Source: Parliamentary Library, Parliamentary Handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia, [various editions]. The current edition is the 44th.

Appendix 1: Relatives of Premiers in Parliament

DP: Deputy Premier
MHA: Member of the House of Assembly
MLA: Member of the Legislative Assembly
MLC: Member of the Legislative Council
Premiers are denoted with blue shading.

New South Wales

Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Baird Bruce George   NSW MLA: Northcott;
Cook (NSW)
LIB father and son
Michael (Mike) Bruce 2014– NSW MLA: Manly 2007– LIB
Ferguson Laurie John (Jack) 1983[10] NSW MLA: Merrylands;
NSW MLA: Fairfield
1959–62, 1968–71,
1962–65, 1968
ALP father and sons
Laurie Donald Thomas   NSW MLA: Granville;
Reid (NSW);
Werriwa (NSW)
1990–2010; 2010–
Martin John   Batman (Vic.) 1996–2013 ALP


Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Bjelke-Petersen Lady Florence Isabel   Senator, Qld 1981–93 NCP; NPA husband and wife
Sir Johannes (Joh)
Qld MLA: Nanango;
Qld MLA: Barambah
1947–50; 1950–87 CP;
Newman Kevin Eugene   Bass (Tas.) 1975–84 LIB husband and wife; son
Jocelyn Margaret   Senator, Tas. 1986–2002 LIB
Campbell Kevin Thomas 2012–15 Qld MLA: Ashgrove 2012–15 LNP

Western Australia

Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Burke Thomas (Tom)   Perth (WA) 1942–55 ALP father and sons
Terry   WA MLA: Perth 1968–87 ALP
Brian Thomas 1983–88 WA MLA: Balcatta

WA MLA: Balga
Hawke Albert Redvers George
SA MLA: Burra Burra;
WA MLA: Northam
1924–27; 1933–68 ALP uncle and nephew
Robert (Bob)[11]   Wills (Vic.) 1980–92 ALP


Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Barnard Herbert Claude   Tas. MHA: Bass; 1950–57; ALP Herbert Claude is the father of Lance, uncle of Eric, grandfather of Michael
Bass (Tas.) 1934–49 FLP; ALP
Lance Herbert   Bass (Tas.) 1954–75 ALP
Eric Walter   Tas. MHA: Franklin 1959–79 ALP
Michael Thomas Claude DP:
Tas. MHA: Bass 1969–84 ALP
Hodgman Thomas Christopher   Tas. MHA: Brighton;
Tas. MHA: Monmouth;
Tas. MHA: Franklin
ANTI-SOC Thomas is the uncle of William Clark (Bill); Bill is the father of William Michael and Peter and grandfather of William Edward.
William Clark (Bill)   Tas. MHA: Denison;
Tas. MLC: Queenborough
1955–64; 1971–83 LIB; IND
Peter Curtis Leigh   Tas. MLC: Huon;
Tas. MHA: Franklin
1974–86; 1986–2001 IND
William Michael   Tas. MLC: Huon;
Denison (Tas.);
Tas. MHA: Denison
William Edward Felix 2014– Tas. MHA: Franklin 2002– LIB

South Australia

Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Playford Thomas, II

SA MHA: Onkaparinga;
SA MHA: East Torrens;
SA MHA: Newcastle;
SA MHA: Gumeracha;
Senator, SA
1868–71; 1875–87;

grandfather and grandson
Sir Thomas (Tom), IV


SA MHA: Murray;
SA MHA: Gumeracha




Surname First names Premier Division/State Dates Party Relationship
Hamer David John   Isaacs (Vic.)
Senator, Vic.
1969–74; 1975–77;
LIB brothers
Sir Rupert James (Dick) 1972–81 Vic. MLC: East Yarra;
Vic. MLA: Kew

[1].     J Warhurst, ‘Dangers in politics being dominated by dynasties’, The Canberra Times, 9 August 2012, p. 15. [2].     J Rydon, A federal legislature: the Australian Commonwealth Parliament 1901–80, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1986, p. 121. [3].     Parliamentary Library, Parliamentary handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia, 44th Parliament, Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 2014.

[4].     Dame Enid Lyons was the first woman elected to the House of Representatives when elected in 1943. She was also the first woman in Cabinet, appointed Vice-President of the Executive Council in 1949 during the Menzies Government.

[5].     Sir Robert Menzies also served in the Victorian Parliament: in the Legislative Council from 1928–1929 (East Yarra) and in the Legislative Assembly from 1929–1934 (Nunawading).

[6].     Albert Hawke was also the Premier of Western Australia from 1953–59.

[7].     The list is believed to be complete, but information about any omissions will be gratefully received.

[8].     Selected under section 15 of the Constitution, 23 May 1969; term expired 24 October 1969.

[9].     Elected 30 March 1901; died 8 August 1901.

[10].    Was Acting Premier from May to July 1983 while Premier Neville Wran stood down during the Street Royal Commission (Royal Commission of Inquiry into Certain Committal Proceedings Against K. E. Humphreys, July 1983, report, [2013], n.p.)

[11].    Bob Hawke was also the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia, serving as Prime Minister from 1983 to 1991.

[12].    Sir Thomas Playford is the longest serving premier of any state of Australia, having served for 27 years.


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