Indigenous affairs: a quick guide to key internet links

20 May 2014 

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Dr John Gardiner-Garden
Social Policy Section

This Quick Guide provides links to:

Note: administrative arrangements announced on 18 September 2013 have altered departmental responsibility for Indigenous affairs. Therefore, links to Australian Government websites listed below may change as new arrangements take effect.

Council of Australian Governments’ Closing the Gap

Publications tracking progress include:

Australian Government Departments and some of their programs

As noted above, at the time of writing program responsibilities were in flux. Primary responsibility for Indigenous affairs now rests with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Below are links to some programs. For others see

Prime Minister and Cabinet

Transferring from the Attorney General’s Department

Transferring from the Department of Communications

Transferring from the Department of Education

Transferring from the Department of Employment

Transferring from the Department of Environment

Transferring from the Department of Health

Transferring from the Department of Industry

Transferring from the Department of Social Services

Attorney-General's Department (includes Ministry for the Arts)

Department of Education

Department of Employment

Department of Health

Department of Human Services

Department of Social Services

Statistics and funding


Directories of organisations and businesses

Key organisations outside Government departments

State, territory and local government websites

Overseas websites


Specific countries


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