Research Papers 2010–11

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Title Number Date
Lessons in political change from North Africa  [PDF 761KB] 5 14.06.2011
State statistical bulletin 2011  [PDF 761KB] 14 01.06.2011
Budget Review 2011–12 [HTML] [PDF 2.13MB] 13 31.05.2011
Economic indicators: Whitlam to Rudd/Gillard (this paper has been updated)  [PDF 372KB] 12 09.05.2011
Trade union membership standards for Not for Profit regulation: standards too high? [PDF 475KB] 11 31.01.2011
Local government and the Commonwealth: an evolving relationship [PDF 356KB] 10 31.01.2011
Marketing obesity? Junk food, advertising and kids [PDF 1000KB] 9 12.01.2011
Paternalism in social policy—when is it justifiable? [PDF 415KB] 8 15.12.2010
Going digital: tracing the transition to digital terrestrial television in Australia [PDF 1.4MB] 7 19.11.2010
Multiculturalism: a review of Australian policy statements and recent debates in Australia and overseas [PDF 1.50MB] 6 08.10.2010
Electoral redistributions during the 43rd Parliament [PDF 180KB] 5 08.10.2010
The age of independence? Independents in Australian parliaments [PDF 484KB] 4 21.09.2010
Superannuation 2010–2011 [PDF 466KB] 3 09.09.2010
House of Representatives by-elections 1901–2009 [PDF 268KB] 2 09.08.2010
Socio-economic indexes for 2009 electoral divisions: 2006 Census [PDF 2.37MB] 1 28.07.2010