Research Papers 2008–09

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Title Number Date
Does the Commonwealth have constitutional power to take over the administration of public hospitals? [PDF 492KB] [HTML] 36 30.06.2009
Parties and elections in Indonesia 2009: the consolidation of democracy [HTML] [PDF196KB] 35 16.06.2009
Queensland election 2009 [HTML] [PDF 220KB] 34 02.06.2009
Budget Review 2009–10 [HTML] [PDF1021KB] 33 29.05.2009
Alcopops makes the House see double: 'the proposed law' in section 57 of the Constitution [HTML] [PDF 416KB] 32 12.05.2009
Money for nothing? Australia in the global middle class welfare debate [HTML] [PDF 518KB] 31 12.05.2009
Australia’s foreign debt—data and trends [HTML] [PDF 678KB] 30 07.05.2009
Australia's settlement services for migrants and refugees [HTML] [PDF 186KB] 29 29.04.2009
Climate change: the case for action [HTML] [PDF 995KB] 28 21.04.2009
Poverty rates by electoral divisions, 2006 [HTML] [PDF 96KB] 27 03.04.2009
The Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 framework and employment issues [HTML] [PDF 532KB] Updated 4 August 2009 26 03.04.2009
Australian Democrats: the passing of an era [HTML] [PDF 433KB] 25 27.03.2009
The interim report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission—a summary and analysis [HTML] [PDF 634KB] 24 19.03.2009
Dedicated Indigenous representation in the Australian Parliament [HTML] [PDF 447KB] 23 18.03.2009
State statistical bulletin, 2007–08 [HTML] [PDF 1871KB] 22 25.02.2009
Home ownership in Australia—data and trends [HTML] [PDF 329KB] 21 11.02.2009
Conscience votes during the Howard Government 1996–2007 [HTML] [PDF 829KB] 20 02.02.2009
Commonwealth involvement in reform of the rail freight industry [HTML] [PDF 304KB] 19 07.01.2009
Going digital—digital terrestrial radio for Australia [HTML][PDF 552KB] 18 19.12.2008
Federal election results 1901–2007 [HTML] [PDF 415KB] 17 05.12.2008
Australian manufacturing—structural trends 2001–02 to 2006–07 [HTML] [PDF 266KB] 16 16.11.2008
House of Representatives fixed terms: the barriers to implementation [HTML] [PDF 182KB] 15 13.11.2008
Daylight saving time: summer 2008–09 [HTML] PDF 177KB] 14 10.11.2008
Guide to the federal wage safety net [HTML] [PDF 261KB] 13 13.10.2008
ASEAN’s regional cooperation and multilateral relations: recent developments and Australia’s interests [HTML][PDF 606KB] 12 09.10.2008
The future of organ donation in Australia: moving beyond the ‘gift of life’ [HTML] [PDF 439KB] 11 03.10.2008
Commonwealth Indigenous-specific expenditure 1968–2008 [HTML] [PDF 480KB] 10 26.09.2008
The potential for renewable energy to provide baseload power in Australia [HTML] [PDF 955KB] 9 23.09.2008
The rise of the Australian Greens [HTML] [PDF 252KB] 8 22.09.2008
House of Representatives by-elections 1901–2008 [HTML][PDF 256KB] 7 22.09.2008
Superannuation 2008–09 [HTML] [PDF 487KB] 6 22.08.2008
People trafficking: an update on Australia's response [HTML] [PDF 433KB] 5 22.08.2008
Tax deductible carbon sink forests? [HTML] [PDF 364KB] 4 22.08.2008
The European Emissions Trading System—lessons for Australia [HTML] [PDF 598KB] 3 20.08.2008
Socio-economic indexes for electoral divisions: 2006 Census [HTML] [PDF 10,498KB] 2 15.08.2008
Overview of Commonwealth involvement in funding dental care [HTML] [PDF 402KB] 1 12.08.2008