Research Papers 2003–04

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Title Number Date
Intellectual property rights and the Australia—US Free Trade Agreement [HTML][PDF 326KB](Abstract) 14 31.05.2004
Less tax or more social spending: twenty years of opinion polling [HTML][PDF 390KB](Abstract) 13 24.05 2004
Coastal shipping: an overview [HTML][PDF 786KB](Abstract) 12 03.05.2004
A new paradigm of international migration: implications for migration policy and planning in Australia [HTML][PDF 2,347KB](Abstract) 10 08.03.2004
Labour hire: issues and responses [HTML][PDF 304KB](Abstract) 9 08.03.2004
The Commonwealth Government’s Role in Infrastructure Provision [HTML][PDF 271KB](Abstract) 8 01.03.2004
Commonwealth Road Funding Since 1990 (Updated 1 March 2004) [HTML][PDF 457KB](Abstract) 7 01.03.2004
The Australian Senate [HTML][PDF 372KB](Abstract) 6 10.02.2004
The Australian and American Senates: A Comparison [HTML][PDF 237KB](Abstract) 5 10.02.2004
Corporate Citizenship and the Role of Government: the Public Policy Case [HTML][PDF 423KB](Abstract) 4 01.12.2003
We are Australian–The Constitution and Deportation of Australian-born Children [HTML][PDF 550KB](Abstract) 3 24.11.2003
Four-Year Terms for the House of Representatives? (September 2003)[HTML][PDF 601KB](Abstract) 2 08.09.2003
Commonwealth General Purpose Financial Assistance to Local Government (August 2003) [HTML][PDF 501KB](Abstract) 1 11.08.2003