Budget Review 2011–12

May 2011

Budget overview Social policy


Budget 2011–12: key features   Arts and culture
  Agency capital investment: funding and presentation     Film and arts

Climate change, energy and the environment

  Environment and natural resource management   Education
  Pests     School education
  Sustainability     Higher education
  Water     Vocational education and training
  Climate change   Health
  Renewable energy     Mental health: centrepiece of this year’s health budget
Defence     Dental health: modest steps towards reform
  Introduction     Health infrastructure
  Australian War Memorial funding     Health financing
  Defence civilian workforce     Ongoing issues for the health and aged care budget
  Defence Major capital investment program   Immigration
  Australian Defence Force operations     Migration and humanitarian programs
  Strategic Reform Program     Responding to boat arrivals
Economy   Social services and welfare
  Mining boom mark II     Disability support pension—reforms
Foreign affairs     Family assistance retargeted
  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade     Workforce participation measures


Official development assistance: a commitment kept     Welfare reforms to change personal behaviour
Infrastructure     Reforms and rationalisation of the Human Services delivery agencies


National Broadband Network—funding, implementation and regulation     Indigenous affairs
  Urban infrastructure and transport safety Superannuation
Legal issues and the Attorney-General’s portfolio   ‘Stronger super’ and other reform measures


Constitutional recognition of local government Taxation
  Combating discrimination—the Australian Human Rights Commission   Fringe benefits tax—reform of the car fringe benefits rules
  Australian Law Reform Commission   Not-for-profits: regulation and taxation
  Legal aid   Small business car tax write off

Parliamentary issues

Workplace relations
  Parliamentary issues   Workplace relations

Public sector

  Australian Public Service    


  Science portfolio overview    

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