Introduction to the Parliamentary Library

The Office of the Parliamentary Librarian is established by section 38 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999. The Parliamentary Library provides high quality information, analysis and advice to senators and members of the Parliament of Australia in support of their parliamentary and representational roles.

Who are we?

The Parliamentary Library has a staff of around 140 expert researchers, library professionals and support staff to assist parliamentarians.

We provide services to:

  • all senators and members of the Parliament of Australia
  • the staff of senators and members when undertaking work on behalf of a senator or member and
  • the staff of parliamentary committees, when undertaking work on behalf of their committee.

Where can you find us?

There are two libraries in Parliament House:

The Main Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Ministerial wing.

The Senators and Members Reading Room (SMRR) is located on the House of Representatives’ side, between the Members’ Hall and the Ministerial wing.

What are our opening hours?

Main Library

8:30am–5:00pm Mon–Fri non-sitting days

8:30am–8:00pm Mon–Wed sitting days

8:30am–5:00pm Thur–Fri sitting days


8:30am–5:00pm Mon-Fri sitting and non-sitting days.

A Newspaper Reading Room is adjacent to the Senators and Members Reading Room and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also find us online:

Library Client Portal:


FlagPost (blog):


What can we help with?

Research services

We provide information, analysis and advice on all subjects of interest including:

  • customised, reliable and confidential research and analysis for individual parliamentarians and staff
  • explanation of bills
  • research support to assist parliamentary committees and staff
  • help with finding documents or checking facts
  • publications on matters of public interest
  • information for policy development
  • delegation briefings
  • statistical information and
  • electorate maps.

Library staff will discuss your enquiry with you to ensure they can deliver a response in a format and a timeframe that suits you.

Library Services

Our extensive collection is developed with parliamentary users in mind.

We offer:

  • access to print, online and broadcast media
  • social media monitoring and analytics
  • books, ebooks and journals and
  • an interlibrary loan service.

Parliamentarians and their staff can access our digital collections from their offices or mobile devices.  

We also offer:

  • seminars for parliamentarians and their staff on public policy, legislation and other topics and
  • online and in-person training related to Library resources and services.

The Library also collects and curates historical information about Parliament.

Research contacts

The Library has seven research teams providing specialist advice on specific areas of policy. 

Economic Policy–covering topics such as the economy as a whole, superannuation, taxation, trade, public finance, commerce, foreign investment, primary industry, employment and industrial relations

Jonathan Chowns, Director, ph: 02 6277 2460

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security–covering topics such as border protection, crime and law enforcement, cybercrime, national security, terrorism, foreign aid, foreign affairs, United Nations, defence and peacekeeping

Nigel Brew, Director, ph: 02 6277 2673

Law and Bills Digest–covering topics such as legislation, constitutional law, discrimination, human rights, federalism, citizenship, intellectual property, trade practices, criminal law and international law

Michele Brennan, Director, ph: 02 6277 2764

Politics and Public Administration–covering topics such as Parliament, parliamentary procedure, referenda, elections, government, public administration, local government and state and territory politics

Nicholas Horne, Director, ph: 02 6277 2506

Science, Technology, Environment and Resources–covering topics such as climate change, energy, mining, water, environment, transport, food, biotechnology, telecommunications and innovation

Roger Beckmann, Director, ph: 02 6277 2420

Social Policy–covering topics such as health, welfare and social security, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, education, immigration, sport, the arts, media and social issues.

Luke Buckmaster, Director, ph: 6277 2724

Statistics and Mapping–providing assistance in census data, election results, maps and spatial information, demography and opinion polls

Joanne Simon-Davies, Director, ph: 6277 2480

Central Enquiry Point

Phone: 6277 2500


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